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Originally Posted by Igglet View Post
Fair enough, but the kids themselves weren't the real focus here. Honestly, I don't really care if little Billy peed his pants during the Mikey vs. Splinter fight or not. You weren't supposed to go "Oh no, not the children!" Instead, the twist put emphasis on Splinter's character and his growth. He started conflict over wanting to protect them from Karai in the same way that Mikey started conflict over wanting to protect them from HIM. This was a HUGE step for Splinter, and while it wasn't necessarily the most bombastic thing they could've gone with, it was just an absolutely amazing way to utilize characters.
Really good point, man. I just really hate that Splinter is choosing these human kids over protecting his own kids. He KNOWS this will mean war.

Me, personally? I'll sacrifice a handful of kids I DON'T know to protect the kids that are MINE.

I guess I hadn't even thought about it in terms of Splinter's character growth, because I'm reacting to it as a fellow father watching Splinter screw up and shaking my head, saying "Ya done fvcked up, Yoshi, and your kids are gonna pay the price."
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Don't forget we have Leatherhead and Hun on the loose. As well as Null and her scorpion and snake mutants. I suppose that they'll drop in at some points of the storyline.

And I'm sure that now Karai will ally herself with Kitsune, Manmoth with the TMNT (remember his fight against EPF), Foot with Baxter.

I suppose that the next step for Karai will be - before the fightings starts - to offer the Foot members to switch to her "legitimate" side. This will result in most members switching, Jennika beeing killed, and Splinter reverting to Hamato clan's master. The Foot clan, that will ally itself with Baxter will be Karai's.

And we'll see some interaction between Kitsune and her creation Ocho. Then at 100 Shredder returns as a temporarily good guy and unite EVERYONE against the Dragon.
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