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Originally Posted by XERO View Post
Used to happen to me all the time during bus rides. I'd just be in my own world, then someone just greets me and starts talking about their problems. I guess I just bring that vibe.

I usually keep my own problems to myself nowadays. I don't like feeling like a burden.
Some people are able to pull a truth and vulnerability out of people. I’ve noticed that with a friend.

Never had that particularly but strangers in public always say random stuff or talk to me to the point that my friends have noticed. If we are in a group, a stranger will walk past and make a comment to me or something as if we are friends. It can be something super trivial about how many drinks they just had or whatever. It’s just sort of a weird pattern.
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The Deadman
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So I signed up for that NGL app where they ask the anon questions. FIrst 2 answers I got back were "im going to ask you out" and "talking to anyone?". Welp lol.

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So I'm pretty certain I have a Wasp hive buried inside of the house somewhere...
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