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Enter The Foot
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Thoughts to consider/What Ifs

Here's just some thoughts going through my head about the 2003 series. Of course, I don't expect a series to answer these. It's just fun to think of these ideas. If you would like to expand, be my guest.

If the 2003 series continued on what would of been the proper ending?

How would the ''Shredder Wars'' situation have happened?

How would the ''Same As It Never Was'' universe happen? Considering Shredder took the world over, how does this take shape?

How do the Foot recruit members?

What did the Foot/Sakki do during the Meji Restoration Era onto WW1, and WW2.

How did Karai just leave the Foot organization?

If the US Government knew Sakki was corrupt (''Hun on The Run'' episode in Bishops dialogue with Sakki in the prologue proves this'') why didn't they try to covertly take him out?

What would of the Foot been doing if their was never a rivalry with the Turtles?

What would the Turtles be doing today in post Back to the Sewer expanded universe?

We never see a trace of the Foot in Fast Forward. Does the Foot simply go defunct?
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