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Originally Posted by IMJ View Post
I've got sealed copies left of both of the PS4 Limited Run Games releases intended for our next (and even bigger than the last one) Game and Electronics Sale coming up in January.

They are supposed to be inventory, but the energy in this thread makes me want to tear the cellophane off and play them. I just don't have time for gaming anymore like I used to though....
Its up to you if you want to open them, but opening them now would really bring the vaule of the games down. Hell Shantae 1 in box goes for a few 1000 lol.

A copy for the 3ds of Pirates Curse is not worth much compare to your Ps4, and you can always get the 2nd game off the shop. OR play Pirates Curse on the Switch I guess? Yeah I devalue the Pirates Curse switch game when I got it on release day and open it. Now I just need Risky's revenge, and the first game on the Switch and I be all set.
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I only have 1/2 Genie on Switch so far loving it.
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We finally got a release date of May 28th.
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