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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Rather, what *I* see quite often is people listing very clear examples of the show's flaws - be they in the writing, the animation, the humor, the coloring, etc. etc. - and you basically replying "Nah" because you're still in romantic love with a cartoon show you watched when you were 6. You've done it with movies, too, more than once.
Those are their opinions. Doesn't mean the FW TMNT series doesn't hold value. I have the high imagination I have today and I can thank 80's cartoon series like this for doing that. I don't see why the 80's cartoon series should be seen as a guilty pleasure. Your criticisms of it are as subjective as me saying I think every episode is perfect. It's not. I've been known here to point out what I like and dislike about any iteration of TMNT and that includes the 80's cartoon. The Fred Wolf iteration is just one I enjoy the most. Not sure why seeing value in something here is a crime. The hive mentality of what is and isn't good is one of the reasons why some fans in the past have abandoned these forums.

Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
But objectivity is very clearly something that you struggle with.
Nope. I think you'll find I'm both subjective and objective. Sure I don't like the IDW comic but I appreciate what it's done for the franchise. If I read the entire thing I'm sure they'd be stories I like, I'm sure of it. I don't go around each thread of the IDW comic questioning the competency of the writers and the art. Neatoman does.

Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Again, nobody's telling you to "hate" anything, but your knee-jerk and hyper-defensive overreactions whenever anyone says anything negative about the FW show makes people like me assume that you're a fanatic with a dismissive attitude towards objective reality. You act like someone criticizing a cartoon show from 1987 is equitable to someone calling your kid ugly. Stop that. It gets on people's nerves and makes them question your faculties.
Again people can happily dislike something about the FW series. There are episodes I really enjoy and there are episodes I couldn't care for. Does it get on people's nerves that people like neatoman use every thread related to this show to bash it? It does for me because I wonder why you'd spend time on a part of the forum trashing something (sometimes out of spite) when you could be enjoying something somewhere else you like. I don't see people constantly bashing the 2012 or 2003 series or IDW as much, probably because I don't spend my time finding those threads. Maybe what I'm saying or my thought process here sounds too naive and I apologise because that's how my Aspergers brain works but I would of thought it would become frustrating to continuously read insults about a TV show someone likes and sees the value in.
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