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[Fanart] IDW Bea and Alopex "Good Food, Good Gossip"

Welp, speaks for itself, just got this piece finished and whilst I dunno if it's my best ever doodle, I was happy enough to finish it, Bea needs more love as one of many of Sophie's awesome background characters who just stands out all on her own personality

So, I like to imagine that Bea helping out in the kitchen gives her and Alopex time to talk over cooking and sharing stories

May be a bonus doodle to follow this one, had an idea as a tiny followup, but no idea whether or not I have the skills to follow it, lol, so until then, hope that Bea sees more love out there =B

EDIT: Updated!

I enjoyed the pic so much I managed to push myself and made this slightly reduced quality bonus mini-comic as a kind of follow up, lol

I imagine Alopex may have hung up her ninja gear, but she likely still knows a few tricks with that knife that shouldn't be tried at home kids =O
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