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are the rise crew not so happy?

I generally don't pay much attentiton to them.

I'm pretty sure they stayed away from cube
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Coola Yagami
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Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
are the rise crew not so happy?

I generally don't pay much attentiton to them.

I'm pretty sure they stayed away from cube
Lmao!!! True.

I just mean they turned out (product-wise anyway) to be much worse than the 2012 crew.
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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
I'm sure I'd get along swimingly there.
At best Paul Feig is a okayish director. A director who's made 'avant-garde' movies? No way man!

I remember I used to pull out that user 'Alpha' for saying this and he would try to back up on what he said each time. Ultimately the regular mod for the forums got rid of me because he didn't like me very much for not having his 'progressive' left leaning politics. That of course led onto him not allowing me to have a different opinion on stuff like me saying I preferred practical effects work to CGI, I didn't think the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy was good, the RGB UK comic by Marvel has as many good things about it as the Now comics one, etc. When I defended an OP for his post about him thinking he saw a different ending to GB II that got me let go from the forums.
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sumac vs plastroncafe, toxicity

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