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Originally Posted by Icebot View Post
Just played Mega Man 1 on the Switch Mega Man Legacy collection and beat the game.
Loved Mega Man as a kid. Still love it now.
Started the PS4 Mega Man X collection.... plowed through Mega Man X and nabbed every trophy.
Started Mega Man X 2, plowed through it right up until the Sho-Ryu-Ken gauntlet. Haven't picked up the game in weeks. Realized that I don't love Mega Man that much anymore.

Collection Photos

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Anybody into Monster Hunter? I swung by GameStop to look at their selection of Wii U games and they had the Wii U Monster Hunter game for $5 so I picked it up. Never got around to playing them yet but I've heard good things about the series.

I also picked up the remastered version of the Ghostbusters game for XBox One.

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shredder orokusaki
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Iam playing DOOM ETERNAL since Friday and KILL all demons very brutally!
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Just played Donkey Kong Country and I beat the game for the first time ever.
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