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Originally Posted by MsMarvelDuckie View Post
Really? With your closer proximity to Austin, I'd have thought you'd be right in top of it. I mean, Dallas and Tarrant counties (and Parker, Denton, among others) have all been put on almost total shutdown. Only "essential" businesses are even allowed to stay open, people being told to shelter in place, etc. It's eerie how dystopian and despotic things are starting to look. Shades of 28 Days Later and 1984 mash-up with Contagion and Hunger Games type scary.
There have actually been some new media shakeups in Austin this last year. My main two sources of truthful media (people who say what they actually believe, unpopular or not, and not what ratings want) were severely gutted. One was canceled, the other was neutered and just talks about food most of the time now.

Since then, I haven't bothered keeping current on $hit. My company actually has been my main source of info in the Corona Apocalypse.
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