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That's what that was about? I'd come across the very tail end of him on tv saying something about a one time streaming event and how people could go buy "tickets" for it to see it. While I'm all for him speaking out on abuse in the industry if he was indeed abused, profiting from it seems kinda questionable... And frankly, makes me care less.
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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
It's a way he can accuse people without technically accusing them.
Exactly. There are probably big libel and slander lawsuits to be had here so the word choices have to be very carefully made.
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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
Honestly wouldn't put it past The Powers at Be to shut him down, especially if some people on office are on that list. But the theater thing just sounds stupid.

The problem is, people are people and most people have some sort of ego. Corey knows he only has one shot at this, and he also knows he'll pretty much go back to being a nobody the moment he gives the names up and all that drama ends.

He's gonna try to find the milkiest way to expose the truth he can. What he doesn't understand is one of these guys will most likely send someone to kill him first.
Nobody is going to try and kill him for this! He already gave the names and two of the people are dead and all of the remaining living people are out of the industry or were basically nobodies to begin with. The only exception is Charlie Sheen and he really isnít relevant anymore either. Plus his evidence of Sheenís abuse is all based on what Corey Haim told him. He had been saying that his big reveals in this documentary would cause a Harvey Weinstein like movement throughout Hollywood. He just says whatever he can to hype up his message which ultimately doesnít have a whole lot of evidence to back it up.
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