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David Ortiz Shot At a Bar In Native Dominican Republic

Boston Red Sox retired slugger best known as Big Papi and helped break the franchise's 86 year curse in 2004 and giving the city a championship again in 2007 and 2013( significant after the Boston Marathon bombing and his MVP status). He went to a bar lounge with a friend in his native Dominican Republic where a motorcyclist shot him in the back and ripped through his stomach into his friend's leg. It is unknown why the shooter drove up to the bar or even if it Papi was even the target. The shooter was apprehended and beaten up before police got ahold of him. A second person is said to be involved. Reports are worse than initially where his gallbladder and part of his colon were removed.The Red Sox sent for him and his father to be transfered to the Boston hospital after surgery was deemed a success and expected recovery is to be made.
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