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Originally Posted by ranger_scout View Post
Even if it does not reach $500 million, a $485 million total is very satisfying. People thought this film was going to flop because of bad press and opening a week after Guardians of the Galaxy. If truly defied these expectations.
Who thought this movie was going to flop? Even the people who weren't looking forward to it were expecting it to make money.
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Originally Posted by Xav View Post
Who thought this movie was going to flop? Even the people who weren't looking forward to it were expecting it to make money.
Cinema Blend predicted it would and boy were they wrong.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Platinum Dunes has given the heroes in a half shell an expensive big screen treatment. Two major elements really hold this film back, however (three if it's terrible). One, do the Turtles really have any mainstream appeal right now? The constantly-rebooted show is never exactly a breakout hit with TV audiences. And 2007's TMNT grossed an underwhelming $95 million, quickly forgotten by the fanbase. Two, look at those turtle designs. The trailer has played to much confusion as people seem to be put-off by these edgy, frankly unsightly-looking Ninja heroes. A major marketing challenge has been created by the sight of these things: international audiences may not care, though and they'll help buoy a worldwide gross around $120 million.
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Originally Posted by ranger_scout View Post
Cinema Blend predicted it would and boy were they wrong.
Obviously there were some people that predicted it would flop but on the whole people seemed to agree it would make a fair profit. Even people who were dreading it knew it was going to be a hit the only question is to what degree and even up until the movie's release that was hotly debated, there were still a not small amount of people convinced it was going to mop the floor with Guardians.

That isn't the first time the Cinema blend article has been brought up but that's one article. There were several more that were much more on the fence of how it would do in relation to Guardians. Not to mention a lot of predictions were made well before the aggressive eleventh hour marketing kicked in.
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I thought it might do about 200, 250 million, tops, not a "flop" but not great. So I was wrong. The one time I had faith in people not to blindly support visibly awful things, and I was off. I don't make that mistake anymore. The first movie made just under 500 million and there are people who genuinely want The Rock to play Casey Jones. In the immortal words of George Carlin, "People are f***ing stupid."

Also, I can't believe people are actively rooting for the sequel to pull 800. By what right would it deserve to? Nothing deserves to fail upwards that badly.

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