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What would a Ninja Turtles Telltale game be like?

Telltale games is a company that does video games and a number of them have a choose your own adventure type spin on them. Some of the more known ones they have are for the "Walking Dead" "Game of Thrones" and "Guardians of the Galaxy"

What do you imagine an interactive Ninja Turtles Telltale game would be like. Obviously, you would be playing as Leonardo as he is the leader of the team, though they could have an algorithm that could have the same story it just plays out differently depending on what character you are using as the POV character.

Or since these games are episodic, one episode would systematically control the character the story centers around, or have the option to play as a turtle that isn't Leo.

Much of the time every choice or reaction you make will have a different outcome. For example say you have a moment where you are going on a mission and your character can only have one of his companions go with him, the outcome for these missions will differ depending on which character you have with you, so a mission with Raph would have different results then say a mission with Mikey.

For example, the first episode of the Game of Thrones Telltale Game is set during the "Red Wedding" and one of the characters you are able to play certain parts of the story with has to go get wine for their group with another squire. Your character then notices something is going on and you have the choice in telling that squire to escape with you or just leaving him to die. If you leave him to die, the knight that squire is sworn to asks you about him and is upset with you for saving your own skin.

Or you say you have a moment where you are talking with Splinter and you have a choice of what to say in response, and depending on what you say Splinter would talk proudly too you, or warn you about how arrogance leads to a tragic fall.

And like most Telltale Games you will have options where what you choose has no effect on the outcome because it happens regardless.
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Considering Telltale Games are no longer a thing, we'll probably never see this.

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Originally Posted by victory_angel View Post
Telltale games is a company that does video games and a number of them have a choose your own adventure type spin on them
Yeah, don't you mean "they were"?
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I said the same thing in the other thread, not realizing about this one.

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A Telltale game?

- Stay and Fight

- Run away

- Surrender

Choice makes little difference. That's Telltale in a nutshell.
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