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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
What's the thing with these trailers about... we'll show you a bunch of crap, and then in the last 2 seconds before the credits splash we'll show you a TINY glimpse of what the titular character actually looks like.
I would have cut it into a third, upped the ominous music, given a couple more of those intense Morbius vampire shots. I was bored with all the build-up the trailer did.

That said, I didn't major in marketing or anything. Maybe they know what sells, but this certainly wasn't an appealing trailer to me. I have less interest in the film now than I did a few days ago.
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Andrew NDB
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The build-up stuff only works if it's a well established character we're all very eager to see. Like Superman in the Man of Steel trailers, or Spider-Man in the Spider-Man trailers.

Morbius? Nobody has any idea who he is. And it's fine that nobody does, this just isn't the way to sell this.
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Big Boss
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I can see that you may be right, but I'm sure their thinking is the opposite. I can understand the rational behind "Nobody knows this character, so we better use this trailer to set him up, introduce him, etc.".

But to your point, it's rather quite boring to follow the origin through that many steps, and leaves me feeling like the film will be plodding and slow. I think that's sort of what happens when you weigh out a trailer in this way.

It's not that I want them to give me all the good stuff. Less could have been more. Just balanced out a bit.
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Looks interesting to me, so I will be seeing this one after all.
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