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Kyo Hisagi
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The Delusion of April OíNeil

I have never liked Michael Bayís TMNT (except maybe for Swiss Army knife Shredder). But one particular scene stucked in my head very hard. Thanks to it, this idea was born.

I am talking about scene where Whoopi Goldberg character fires April OíNeil. She didnít believe her tales about four human-sized ninja turtles.

But what if April was the only one who could see them? What if they really hide in the shadows?

Their first meeting probably would have happened when April was going home after her classes. I think sheís attending college, I am not sure. Maybe sheís 18-19 years old. Some criminal tried to steal her bag and thatís when brothers appear. They easily kick his ass and save the day. April is under impression but Leonardo asks her to not tell anyone about them.

At this moment a line between reality and mirage gets really thin.

I think the story should be named ďThe Delusion of April OíNeilĒ. Suits it well. Someone could say itís pretty dark and conspiracy story but I say- it was on the surface all the time.

April really gets into Turtles. She draws them in her notebooks, she reads about criminals and superheroes, she even tries to become one- but unsuccesfully.

She runs away from her problems- because she has a very sick dad and a very poor mom. She runs away in this magnificent world of saving the planet and fighting villains.

One day she decides to help her parents. She becomes an intern in Stockman Industries thanks to her charisma and intellectual brilliance. With her ambitions she easily becomes in high position in the company.

And thatís when she meets our beloved quartet the second time.

They break into the building and try to steal the researches Stockman was working on. Turtles tell April that her boss is a criminal and uses her works for illegal experiments on humans and animals. She helps them to steal the data- and gets caught in the process. Guys jump into the open window. No one have seen them. Like they have never existed in the first place.

She gets interrogated by cops, federals. Stockman especially was interested in her story- but April told nothing. Stockman fires her and obligates to attend psychological help meetings.

Casey Jones attends these meetings too.

Casey has a rough childhood too. His father beats his mom- and Casey gets beaten too. One day Casey brings his hockey stick at home- and his dad ends up in a hospital.

Jones fells in love with our heroine. You could say itís the love at first sight. He loves her stories about giant turtles fighting crime. He loves to talk to her, to someone who has problems too.
Casey even starts to see TMNT- very blurry, just like an image on defective TV. But still.

In her spare time miss OíNeil helps green guys- she hacks into systems, she steals food for them, she beats bad guys on the streets. Casey is really worried about her- in her mental condition she spends too much time on rooftops. But he wants to see her happy- and when sheís taking part in these crazy adventures sheís so happy.

Donatello tells her that sheís not a part of their world. April didnít listen to him. All she wanted to hear is how they have beaten the Shredder.

And then her mom dies in car accident. April is sure it was Stockmanís handiwork to get the revenge on her and Ninja Turtles. She tries to kill Baxter but of course his guards apphrehend her.

April ends up in a hospital for mental illnesses. In the very end of the story she sees Leonardo, Raphael. Donatello and Michelangelo in the last time.

-Guys! Have you come to save me?

What I love about this story is that aspect you canít tell what is real and what is not. Was April crazy all along? Or Turtles really exist and trying to save the world? Was Stockman really guilty for her motherís death- or was it just an accident?

Okay guys, thatís all what I have for today. I want to deeply sorry for any mistakes Iíve made here- my English is faaaar away from perfect, but I hope someone enjoyed reading this. I had this story in my head for a pretty long time and I am happy to tell it to someone.

Someone could say this story is dumb and illogical. I couldnít agree more- itís pretty rough idea, this is not complete story. I see many plot holes myself. For example- what is Caseyís role in this? Why April didnít end up in prison for stealing important research?
Maybe one day I will fix them and turn it into a real comic. Or maybe I just let this be. I donít draw well and I better let someone else do the drawings for this. I just really wanted to share this tale with you guys.
Have a nice day. Cowabunga!

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