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Kyo Hisagi
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I'm finally here

Hiya! It took me half a year to get authorized, but I'm finally here!
Nice to meet ya all! My name is Tim, I prefer my nickname Kyo Hisagi. I am 24 yo, I love to draw fanarts and comic strips. Hope I could become a comic book artist somewhen in the future.
My love for the Turtles started from Archie series back in 00. I fell in love with that unique and brutal story (my very first storyline was Terracide). Very sad Forever War was never published.
My favourite TV version is 2003. I think it has a very high quality of animation and story
Back in the days I was truly charmed and tried not to miss a single episode. I even plan to cosplay Shredder when I will have enough money.
Hope I can make friends here and discuss my beloved quartet with all of you guys.
I published my story pitch, so if you are interested, please do read and leave comments.
My TMNT collection is kinda mess but I really love it.
This is the best russian forum about Turtles, pretty sure some of you already heard about it.
If you are interested in my works, here is my DA.
I usually draw Marvel and DC, but I have some drawings of Raph, Slash and Shredder.
Sorry for the bad English.
Feel free to ask me anything~
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