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Chapter eighteen

The two opponents lunged at each other, grappling for several minutes before the gator man forced the turtle back. Raph stabbed twice with his twin sais, but Leatherhead Drew his Bowie knife and blocked both strikes with his blade.

"Hah! You gonna attack my with those gardening tools, boy?" Leatherhead mocked him, twirling his knife in his claw. "It's gonna take more than that ta beat me, by Gumbo!"

Leatherhead swung the knife, and Raph dodged by leaping backwards. The gator man swung a second time, and the turtle caught it with his sai, tossing the knife aside.

"Not bad for a gardening tool, eh?" Raph smirked, as he headbutted Leatherhead, knocking him backward. "Got any better weapons than that toothpick, Wally Gator?"

Leatherhead growled, swinging his tail, and knocking the turtle back into the temple wall. Kicking his blade up off the ground with his boot, he caught the Bowie knife with his tail, and threw it straight at the turtle. Raph tried to dodge, but the knife speared him, right in the back of his shell.

"Arragh!" The turtle cried, pulling himself back to his feet. "How... how the hell do you move that fast?" Raphael asked, pulling the blade out of his shell. "You aren't a ninja!"

"No boy, I ain't no ninja." Leatherhead explained, cracking his neck. "My mamma was a bounty hunter, she taught me knife and tomahawk fighting. My papa was Cajun, he learned me how ta shoot, and savate kickboxing." He reached to his belt. "You ain't gonna have an easy time with me, ninja boy. I guarantee."

Running across the courtyard, Raph tossed several shuriken at the gator man. Leatherhead deflected each throwing star with a tomahawk, then threw the Apache weapon at Raph, The turtle ducked his head into his shell to avoid the deadly axe, which almost took his noggin clean off.

"Okay, that does it!" Raphael declared in anger, pulling out both of his sais. "No more mister nice turtle!"

"Boy, I'm gonna tear your shell open, and have your gizzard for breakfast!" Leatherhead took another tomahawk from his belt in his left hand, and took his Bowie knife in his right. "Let's do this thing, tout suite!"

The two opponents smashed into each other, sai colliding with tomahawk and knife again and again. Sometimes Leatherhead would try a tail swipe, or a bite with his powerful jaws, but the turtle would always manage to stay just out of the gator man's reach. Likewise, the Cajun always managed to bat away the ninjas shuriken and kunai.

"This isn't getting us anywhere!" Raph told the gator man. "We're too evenly matched!"

"That be true, by gumbo." Leatherhead agreed. "At least until moi gets the higher ground!"

The Cajun ran up the stairs of the temple, then jumped down, slashing both of his weapons simultaneously. The turtle managed to catch the blows with his sais, and the two pushed up against each other in a test of power.

"It no use, tortue!" Leatherhead growled. "I be stronger than you!"

"Yeah, maybe so." Raphael replied. "But my weapons are stronger than yours!"

Raph pushed up against the gator's knife and tomahawk hard, breaking both of them off at the handle. But before he could strike the finishing blow, Leatherhead had jumped out from underneath him.

"Why, you no good pile of putain! Those were family heirlooms!" The gator man was so angry, he snorted steam from his nose. "I'm gonna beat you like a drum, boy!"

Leatherhead roared, jumping feet first at the turtle, and hitting Raph with several powerful savate kicks. He pummeled the turtle with several powerful blows, knocking the sais from his hands, before lunging at Raphael with his powerful jaws wide open.

"Oh no, you're not taking a bite out of me!" The ninja yelled, struggling to hold the upper and lower halves of his jaw open. Raphael barely managed to jump out of the way, as the mutant gator's powerful jaws snapped shut.

"Well, if I can't be you in a fair fight, I just have to blow your head off!" Leatherhead pulled his shotgun off of his back, and proceeded to open fire on the turtle.

click-click, BANG! click-click, BANG! click-click, BANG!

The Cajun fired again and again, stopping only to reload, as Raph ducked behind the pyramid's wall to avoid the shots. Leatherhead unleashed a spray of bullets on the entire surrounding area, not leaving any spot for a turtle to hide.

"Come out out, you shelled freak!" The gator man growled, reloading his weapon. "There be no escaping ol' Leatherhead, you betcha!"

Leatherhead scanned the entire sight of the Taizumal ruins, looking for his quarry. But his eyes did not notice the shape of a turtle climb into a parked van.


Suddenly, the parked turtle van behind him roared to life, and it raced forward towards the gator man. Leatherhead opened fire on the speeding vehicle... just as it plowed into him, then smashed into a nearby temple wall.


What happened next, Raph really couldn't tell; wither Leatherhead's bullets had hit the gas tank and made it explode, or wither the shells in the gator man's shotgun had exploded upon impact with the vehicle. The turtle had leapt out of the driver's seat as soon as the turtle van hit Leatherhead, and he had hit the dirt and rolled as the whole thing exploded. When he looked back, all Raph saw was the flaming wreckage of the turtle van, with Leatherhead's scorched legs and tail sticking out from beneath the wreckage.

"Now who's a pile of gumbo, ya Cajun handbag?" Raph asked, before passing out on the ground, unconscious, from total exhaustion.

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Chapter Nineteen

"Uhh, Stockman? You in here?" Donnie asked, looking around the darkened pyramid chamber that served as the fly's laboratory. "Comer on out, man-fly, and we'll settle this, once and for all."

"Stockman, yes... that was the name I wanted to live forever." An insectoid voice buzzed out of the darkness. "I wanted it to be in the history books, right beside Einstein and Edison."

Two mousers lunged out of the darkness, snapping their jaws the turtle, who easily dispatched them with two swings of bow staff.

"You and I aren't that very different, are we... Donatello, isn't it?" The voice buzzed again. "We both got involved in science because we wanted to make life better for the people of the world. Though in my case, it was also to help a sick mother."

Two Roadkill Rodneys zipped out of the blackness, each wrapping a tentacle around one of the ends of his bo staff, and sending an electric current through. Donnie let go of the staff, and the two wheeled machines ended up shocking each other, before collapsing to the ground.

"But you used your scientific abilities for evil, Stinkman." Donatello pointed out. "Shredder... Rat King... you sided with one villain after another, helping them to to try and do harm to the world!"

A large fly came zipping out of the corner, shooting a blast of acid spit at Donnie which he barely rolled out of the way from. The fly creature shot back into the shadows, before going up a pillar, and climbing onto the ceiling.

"I didn't have any choice, you simpering shellback!" The angry bug hissed. "I needed to get funding for my work, so I did everything the foot clan asked of me!" Buzzkill silently crawled across the ceiling, hanging above Donnie's head. "But they still betrayed me! And instead of helping people, they had me create monsters!"

Buzzkill dropped from the ceiling, surprising Donnie and pinning him to the floor. The fly-man spit another shot of acid at the brainy turtle's hands, burning his fingers, and causing his bow staff to melt.

"Ugh, get off me, you annoying insect!" Donatello yelled, struggling with the angry Buzzkill. "Haven't you ever heard of personal space?!"

The two struggled on the Laboratory floor, punching and kicking each other as they scuffled. Baxter tried shooting shooting several more acid balls at the turtle, but Donatello always managed to push his head away, making each shot go wide. Buzzkill then tried to pick the turtle up, and fly him into the air to drop him. But Donnie weighed to much for the smaller Buzzkill to even lift.

"Whew! New need to go on a diet, turtle!" Buzzkill gasped, as they continued to struggle.

"What can I say?" Donatello replied, punching the insect in the face. All the weight goes to my shell!"

After several minutes of struggle, the turtle finally got the upper hand, kicking the buzzing pest off. Stockman zipped back into hiding, while Donnie stayed on his guard.

"Looks like you don't have your weapon anymore, hm?" The bug-man smiled, grabbing four laser pistols off the wall; two his his human arms, and two in his insect ones. "That means you won't be able to block my shots!"

Flying up towards the ceiling, Baxter opened fire on the turtle, filling the room with laser blasts. Donatello hid behind one of the pillars, pinned down by the fly-man's blasters.

"If I am to be limited to creating monsters, so be it!" The fly man buzzed, laughing insanely. "I will make the name Buzzkill remembered, for creating the mutant army the Rat King will use to conquer this world! Future generations WILL remember my name!"

Looking over at the opposite wall, Donnie saw a deactivated Roadkill Rodney lying against the workbench. Rolling and dodging his way from column to column, the turtle began to move towards the wheeled machine.

"It's not about wither you're remembered or not for your scientific achievements, Baxter. But what good your achievement accomplish." Donnie told Buzzkill, as he avoided the shots from the four laser pistols. "If you know you made the world a better place, then that should be enough!"

Finally reaching the Roadkill Rodney, Donnie began to reprogram the one-wheeled terror, and activated it's systems. The Rodney immediately zipped to the middle of the room, shot a cord out at Buzzkill's leg, and wrapped it around his foot.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" The human fly asked, as the Roadkill Rodney took off out the laboratory entrance, dragging Buzzkill along with it. "No! Somebody help meeeeee!"

Roadkill Rodney dragged Buzzkill down the steps of the temple, smacking the human fly into every hard surface as he flailed helplessly. The Roadkill Rodney then zoomed off into the jungle, smashing the now-motionless human fly it was dragging along into every tree and rock in it's path.

"It's over... he may have survived that ordeal, but he'll be in no shape to come back here and fight." Donnie sighed, almost slumping over. "Hm, I would say that the good doctor Stockman has gotten a little carried away with himself."

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Chapter twenty

As the others all fought their respective opponents, Mikey and the princess ventured deep into the templo de la ratta, searching for the ancient mummy who caused all of this madness.

"Whoah, this place is mondo creepy." Michelangelo exclaimed, looking at all of the skulls and rats carved on the walls. "This guy really needs an interior decorator."

"The rat king's tastes always were muy asqueroso." Jagwar agreed. "Even we Pipil Maya thought he was a disgusting human being."

"And that is where you make your mistake, princess." A voice hissed from the hallway ahead of them. "I am no mere human being!"

The two looked up, and saw a heavily bandaged figure, with tufts of orange-red hair sticking out from small pieces of exposed skull. All around him swarmed rodents of every shape and size, crawling all over the floor, and on his scrawny body.

"H'nataan, you vile rodent!" Jagwar growled, spitting on the floor in front of him. "Now, you will at long last pay for your crimes!"

"So like, you are the rat king, dude?" Mikey asked, pulling out his nunchaku. "You, like, really don't look all that impressive to me, man."

"We'll see about that, turtle!" The rat king replied, pulling out a flute. "Let's see how you handle the armored rat; a rodent native to this region, that can be as pointy as a porcupine!"

Suddenly, a whole swarm of armored rats came pouring through the hallway, like a surging tide tide rolling over a pair of unsuspecting swimmers. Their spiky quills tore at the flash of the two mutants, cutting them open, and spearing blood across the temple floor.

"Argh! Dude! these things hurt!" Mikey cried in pain. "Get em' off! Get em' off! Get em' off!"

"ROAR!" The angry Jaguar mutant clawed and the spiked rodents, killing them by the dozens. The more they tore at her flesh, the angrier she seemed to become. "Come on, Mikey! We've got to wade though these rats, and get to him!"

"Right behind you, cat babe!" Mikey replied, twirling his pair of Nunchaku and high speeds. He plowed through the rodents like a blender, as he and Jagwar slowly waded their way towards the master of rodents. "Let's turn this rat king, into Swiss cheese!"

"Why, how dare you hurt my loyal subjects!" The rat king told them, assuming a low fighting stance. "Do you think my only defense is a few small rats?"

As Mikey and Jagwar got clear of the rodents, the Rat King was upon them. Delivering a series of powerful punches and kicks to the head and feet of both mutants, he swiftly knocked them back on their behinds.

"What?! How did he do that?!" Jagwar asked in shock, trying to stand back up. "H'ntaan was an alchemist, he was never a fighter!"

"Choy Gar... rat style Kung-Fu." Mikey grumbled, recognizing the fighting style from master Splinter's training sessions. "Of course he knows rat style. Dude probably also eats ratatouille for breakfast."

"One of the many tricks I picked up during the centuries I was free from that tomb." Rat King replied, blocking two punches from Mikey, and a kick from Jagwar. "I really should thank you father for sacrificing and mummifying me. The ooze in my bloodstream allowed me to rise in underneath, far stronger and faster than a normal man, and with an ability to speak with and control my loyal subjects!"

"My father was punishing you for mutating my mother and I!" Jagwar screamed, biting deep into his arm. "You were our family's most trusted royal adviser, and you betrayed us!"

"Your family are the ones who betrayed me! Killing my father, and cutting away the rain forest that my rodent friends call home!" The rat king shook her loose, kicking her away. "All of humanity will pay for their sins against nature, once I have disposed of all of you!"

"You have some serious issues with people, dude!" Mikey replied, rushing forward, and smashing the rat king on the head and chest with the nunchucks, sending the mummy flying backwards. "It may sound cliche,but there are good people out there helping nature, as well as the bad!"

"Howe dare you strike me, you traitorous turtle!" Rat King kicked Mikey away, before morphing his appearance to his Eric Sacks disguise. "I am the one who tricked Shredder into mutating you and your brothers, I am responsible for your existence, and yet you betray me?"

"You may have been responsible for making us, dude, but it was only part of one of your plans to destroy humanity!" Mikey replied, knocking the rat king's feet out from underneath him with a sweep kick. "And when it comes to choosing between humanity and you, I'll take my chances with the human race!"

"At them, my followers!" The rat king commanded. "Show the mutant traitors no mercy!"

This time, every type of rat in El Salvador poured onto the two mutants; gnawing, biting and clawing Mikey and Jagwar, until they both collapsed to the ground.

"Fools! Even if you had managed to defeat me, do you think I'm the only alchemist who discovered how to make the ooze?" H'nataan laughed. "And besides, even if I perish, the mantle of the rat king will pass to another. There must always be a rat king in the pantheon"

Suddenly, Mikey exploded out of the rat swarm, and threw out a grappling hook that swung around the Rat King, tying him up. Mikey pulled him off his feet, before yelling back;

"Jagwar, NOW!"

The spotted cat girl leapt out from the rat swarm, slashing her maquitil downward. With a scream, she sliced through the Rat King's face, down his rib cage, and entirely down the front of his body, gutting him like a fish.

"Uuuungh!" The rat king groaned, before collapsing into a pile of bones, bandages, and rotted flesh. A sickly green smoke steamed out of the remains, as the power of the mutagen left his decomposed corpse.

Ewww, dude! That's gross!" Mikey stuck his tongue out, poking the bubbling pile of goo with the end of his nunchuck. "That guy is dead... as in dead dead, not undead."

"Then my parents, my family, my people... have finally been avenged." Jagwar growled, staring down at the remains. "And it looks like the cat, has finally killed the rat."
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Chapter twenty one

"Sensei!" I cry out, running through the corridors. "Master Splinter, are you in here?!"

I call out his name as I enter the palace, desperately looking around for any sign of my sensei. As I search, I am filled with anxiety. Filled with a fear that the rat king has harmed our father, I am ready to tear this place apart to find him.

"Leonardo?" Splinter asked, emerging from one of the hallways. "Is that you, my son?"

"Master Splinter, I'm so glad you're all right!" I call out in relief, rushing towards him. But our sensei raises his hand, signaling me to come no farther. "Is something wrong, father?"

"Hurry my son, you must give me one of your katanas." My sensei commands, holding his hand out. "There's no time to explain, just do it!"

Without a second's hesitation, I toss him my blade. I only have a few seconds, however, before he leaps at me, trying to strike his own student with that same blade.


I barely have time to draw my own blade, and block the blow. If it had not been for my own ninja training, I would have been cut in half by that precise strike.

"Master Splinter, what's gotten into you?!" I ask, as I block another sword blow. "Sensei, why are you attacking me?"

Splinter gives me no answer, and continues to wail on me with powerful sword strokes, it only takes a few moments for me to realize he must be under the Rat King's power. I can only block the skilled sword strokes of one of the greatest ninjitsu masters on the planet, and pray I survive long enough to break him out of the spell.

"Master Splinter, please snap out of it!" I plead, as I parry another one of his blows. "This isn't you, you'd never attack your own students!"

"Are you sure about that, Leonardo?" He asks, kicking me backwards. "Are you so certain you know me? Are you so sure you know who I am, and where I come from?"

I watch my strokes carefully, keeping my moves purely defensive, so as not to hurt the rat I call father.

"You are master Splinter, the rat who was experimented on in that laboratory along with my brothers and I." He gives way under one of my uppercuts, and I am able to headbutt him backwards. "You taught us the art of Ninjitsu, and taught us to only use those skills to protect others who could not protect themselves!"

He leaps forward, hitting me with a spinning downward slice that knocks me backwards.

"Don't you get it, Leonardo?! I LIED TO YOU! I lied to all of you!" He screams at me, lashing out with his tail to grab my ankle, and barely missing as I dodge. "My name is Hamato Yoshi, and I was a human ninja master! I made the mistake of eating that rat named Splinter before he mutated, and the mutagen in his system turned me into this monstrous form!" He strikes blow after blow, driving me back as I block them with my katana. "I took the name Splinter from the fragmentary memories I recieved from the rat." He snarled at me. "I raised you and your brothers as living weapons, to get revenge on the shredder!"

"I KNOW THAT, SENSEI!" I reply, catching another blow with my blade, before back flipping out of his reach. "My brothers and I have known for years you were human! Raph found a picture of you and Tang Shen when he was sneaking around in your room, along with finding your private journal." I raise my sword to block again, as he rushes forward to again strike. "We know you planted the book on ninjitsu there, to convince us that's how you knew martial arts. We know you're past, and we don't care."

We continue to trade blows, our sword strokes moving so fast, they look like flashes of lightning as the two katanas clash. Finally, I sense an opening, and manage to do something that surprises even me; with a quick upward stroke, I knock the blade from his grasp, and bring my katana to his throat, ending the battle.

I have done the unthinkable.

I have defeated my sensei in battle.

The student... has surpassed the master.

He only lost because the mind control clouded his judgement, that's why he lost. That is what I tell myself, while I try to break the rat king's hold over my father. Throwing my weapon aside, I hold out my open arms to my beloved sensei.

"Splinter... Hamato Yoshi... listen to me. You may have raised us as tools of revenge, but that's not what we became to you." I walk forward, putting my hands on his shoulders. "You came to care about us, just like we care about you. Please, father... let go of your desire for vengeance, your need for revenge. Break free of the rat king's control... and come back to us."

Master Splinter stares at me for a moment, glassy eyed, before his eyes suddenly return to normal. A look of horror crosses his face for a moment, before my father embraces me in a warm hug.

"Oh, Leonardo, my Son!" He cries out, with tears in his eyes. "MY SON!"

I don't know if the spell broke because my words got to him, or because Mikey and Jagwar have succeeded in destroying the rat king at that exact moment. And frankly, I do not care. I have my sensei... my father... back.

And to me, that is all that matters.

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Chapter twenty two

In the aftermath of the great battles, we all gather in the central plaza. After making sure everybody was is all right, I send Mikey and Raph to scout the ruins, and see if they can find anyone or anything else. What they find the most of, are the grisly scattered remains of the punk frogs, apparently slaughtered by Leatherhead after our last escape. We believe this is the end of their particular mutant tribe, until Mikey finds a small underground underground dungeon in the back of the prison. We free the last four surviving punk frogs there, and they willingly surrender themselves to our mercy.

"We are sorry we attacked you and your sensei like that." Rasputin tells us, as the four frogs kneel in defeat. "We should have refused to follow the Rat King and Leatherhead before then, and our tribe would still be around."

"Napoleon bad froggy, Napoleon never should have attacked turtles." The larger muscular frog replied simply. "Napoleon is sorry."

"With the rest of our kind gone, we must find a new way in the world." Attila added. "We must find a new purpose, and a new way to survive."

"We humbly place ourselves at your mercy." Genghis tells us, looking at the ground. "Do with us, what you will."

What we do is help them gather the remains of their comrades, then take them out into the jungle and cremate them, along with the remains of the Rat King. We found no trace of Leatherhead or Buzzkill, the gator's body had disappeared from the wreckage of the turtle van, and the fly had been dragged off into the wilderness. Wither they had survived, or their remains were destroyed, we may never know. But even if they did survive, with the rat king gone, there was no reason to remain here.

After we finished our work there, we took what time we had left to enjoy our vacation. Mikey's friend Angela took us to the Santa Ana volcano, where Mikey decided he wanted to try and surf inside the smoking crater. That... didn't end too well. Lucinda took us to an underground fight club, where we watched Raph fight his way though a tournament and win. Lucinda told the spectators and fighters we wee masked luchadors from Mexico in costume, and they were all so drunk they actually bought it! We had a lot of fun watching Raph knock people teeth out and bust skulls, and we even got to join in at the end for the final brawl!

Radical was very pleased to meet Jagwar; a living relic from the time of the Maya. The two guided us through the Mayan site of Casa Blanca, with Jagwar often correcting the archeologist on details, and Radical fan-girling over what she had just learned. I have heard the two are actually planning to rebuild Pipil Mayan society, by Jagwar taking in homeless Salvadorian children, and having Radical teaching and raising them in the customs of their Mayan ancestors. Jagwar has a treasure trove of Mayan artifacts from her family to sell, so they should be well funded in their endeavor. Who knows? Maybe one day, Jagwar will once again be Queen of a restored Pipil kingdom.

"I'm going to try and help the descendants of my subjects." Jagwar explains. "Now that H'nataan is gone, it's time to start reclaiming my heritage.."

"Whoooaaaa! So you're, like, staying here?" A disappointed Michelangelo replies. "I thought you might come with us on our trip, bummer."

"Don't worry, Mikey. I'll still write to you." She gives him a wink. "And who knows? We might see each other again, someday."

Master Splinter is slowly recovering from his ordeal, and we have all reassured him he has nothing to feel ashamed about. He has been a good sensei, and a good father. And in the end, that's all that really matters.

But what troubles me though, is the Mayan codex Jagwar finds in the rat king's private collection. Radical translates this ancient text, and she soon has a warning to share with me.

"The codex tells of other alchemists in the world, who discovered and worked with the mutagen." She tells me. "They might still be out there, along with the same kind of threat the rat king posed."

And so I call my brothers together, and we talk all though the night about the matter. Slowly, a plan begins to form between us.

"We've all seen how dangerous the ooze can be; just look at how it healed the scars and wounds of the shredder after he fell from that skyscraper after our first battle." I remind them. "The ooze canister in his possession shattered and spilled all over him, and it not only allowed him to survive the fall, but it restored his hair and youth."

"If there are other mutants and mutant makers out there, I say we go out there, an trounce em'!" Raph tells the rest of us. "If Krang' s race could figure out how to make the stuff with no connection to the rat king, then anybody on earth with half a brain could discover how to create the ooze."

"I agree with him, Leo." Donnie continues. "If the ooze is still a danger to people, we should do something about it."

We all agreed on our course of action, and the next day I announced our plan to all of our friends and allies.

"My brothers and I have decided to seek out other mutants and ooze sources around the world." I tell everybody. "We're not going back to NYC in the blimp, and we're instead going to make a journey towards east Asia. We'll find out how the ooze affected ancient civilization in that region of the world."

"But... what about the NYPD?" An exasperated Angela asks. "The chief will have our heads if we don't get you back home safely, muy mal!."

"We've decided you should take the punk frogs back with you to New York." Donnie explains. "Master Splinter can train them to fight as he did with us, and the can protect the city in our place until we return."

"We would be honor to defend your home while you are away." Genghis replies, walking over, and bowing to master Splinter. "And we are honored to have you become our Sensei, Master Splinter."

"I shall do my best to instruct you in the martial arts, my good frogs." Splinter returned the bow. "And farewell to you, my sons, and good luck on your journey."

We all hug our master goodbye, and say our goodbyes to all of our New Friends. Angela agrees to go with Splinter and the frogs back to New York, because she has a pilot's license to fly the blimp.

"I'd love to head up to NYC, I've got some family up there I haven't seen in awhile." Angela tells us. "Good bye Mikey, take care of yourself."

"You too, babe." Mikey replies, high-fiving his new friend. "The next time you're at the beach, be sure to catch a wave for me."

"Catch ya later, Raph." Lucindra punches him in the arm. "Try not to get yourself beat up too badly, ya hear?"

"Yeah, whatever." Raph grumbled, shrugging it off. "Don't get yourself into any trouble either, lady."

"Goodbye, Leonardo." Radical tells me, shaking my hand. "It has been wonderful talking to you about my people's history, mi amigo. I hope our paths cross sometime in the future."

"Farewell, Radical." I reply, bowing to her, after our handshake. "Good luck with all of your work with the past."

And so, we all watch the turtle blimp fly off into the sunset, taking our master and his new students him. Afterward, our human friends escort us to the western coast, where Donnie takes several weeks fixing up and restoring a rusty old boat, and arming it with weaponry we are able to purchase off the black market.

"So guys, what do you think?" Donnie asks, presenting us with the finished product. "I call it the USS Langstien, and I promise you, it'll get us to east Asia!"

"You named it after Irma?!" Raph asks Donnie in disbelief, as we look on at the restored sailboat. "And you painted it white?! It looks like a giant bathtub!"

"I dunno dude, it looks fine to me!" Mikey chuckles, trying to stifle his laughter. "So, when are we going to be setting sail on 'Leo's Jolly Tubboat'?"

"We leave as soon as the tides allow us." I finish, looking off towards the west. "Let us follow the trail the codex leads us on, and see what's out there."

And it's isn't long, before we sail away from the beautiful lands of El Salvador, and off towards our next adventure.

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Somewhere in southeast Asia...

"I cannot believe this!" He growled to himself. "Where is that imbecile?"

There were many things that Go Komodo hated; honest business partners, law enforcement, and traitors who switched sides. But the one thing he really could not stand, was a lack of punctuality from members of his own organization. As the towering Asian man in a business suit paced the floor of his red carpeted office, he heard the soft tap of a small fist at the door.

"Yes, it's open." He growled, looking back over his shoulder. "Come in."

A Japanese woman wearing a black gi entered the office, carrying a large object covered in a cloth. Setting the object down on Komodo's desk, she turned and bowed to her master.

"Pimiko, you're late." Komodo hissed, glaring at the woman. "I trust you brought the artifact with you?"

"Indeed I did, Lord Komodo." She replied, bowing again. "It was very difficult to acquire it from the private collector who possessed the object, but a slit throat allowed us to have it."

"Subtle as ever, aren't you, my dear?" Komodo asked, shaking his head. Piniko had been a ninja in the foot clan- the Shredder's illegitimate daughter from an affair, some said- but not even Pimiko herself was sure. After shredder had been defeated, and Karai had taken over the clan, the mere association with the disgraced Shredder was enough to get the ninteen-year-old ninja kicked out. But Komodo had snatched her services up, and now the kunoichi was his most loyal servant. "Very well, show me the artifact."

Pimiko pulled the sheet off of the mysterious object, revealing it to be a broken mirror of the ancient Shang dynasty. Half of it's reflective surface was missing, while the other half was still in the frame.

"Are you pleased, my lord?" Pimiko asked, smiling hopefully. "Was my tardiness acceptable, given the prize recovered?"

"Indeed, my dear, your lack of punctuality is forgiven." The stocky middle aged Asian man replied, picking up the waist-length mirror. "Tell me, where is the other half of the mirror?"

"At the Chun Il Taoist monastery, hidden deep in a mountainous forest." Pimiko replied. "It will not be easy to get past the monks who guard the mirror shard with their lives."

"It will be well worth it, for what we hope to accomplish." The Indonesian businessman gazed into the mirror's reflective surface. "For once we have reunited the two halves of the mirror, my sacred ancestors, the dragons, will walk this earth once more." He narrowed his eyes. "They will take this world for their own, and they shall reward us in gratitude for freeing them."

And as Komodo stared into the reflective surface, a pair of glowing eyes within an armored helmet, stared back... with a hunger to be free once again.


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Wow, you saved the PD films in just a few chapters! Nice work there, sir. I wonder who we’ll be meeting in Japan? Ninjara? Tattoo? Alopex? Will we also get to see Hothead, Venus, and Ace Duck in China? I could honestly see this working as a new film in the series, a sort of reparation for those original films. My favorite details were the battle against the army of Punk Frogs, and the reference to the Tubboat thrown in.

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