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Refractive Reflections
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Anybody experienced their own scary, horror story?

As I was exploring YouTube, I discovered a channel that tells allegedly true horror stories that people have submitted to the Mr. Nightmare channel, and the creator uploads audio tracks and effects with stock images of those stories. His channel has stories with many different themes (i.e. vacations, field trips, house parties, using social media, pool parties, roommates, high school, summer camp, stalkers, during Christmas time, house-sitting, at a hotel, Pokemon Go encounters, babysitting, Uber, subways, nightshift, food delivery).

For example:

Half of these stories are from people not following common sense (not locking doors/windows, meeting someone online for the first time in a private place), and others are just bad luck.

So I was curious if anyone here in the Drome, have their own true horror stories they could tell us here.
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I love watching all the Youtube horror channels (Lazy Masquerade, Be Busta, urmaker, Dr Horror, Mr Nightmare, Corspse Husband, you name it).

While most of the stories are not too over the top and are reasonably believable (I still think many of them are fake though), I do sometimes get bored of some stories being super cliched (I heard a bang on my window, I didn't open my eyes and was on edge the whole night, the end).

They are still very entertaining for the most part though.

On the subject of my own experiences, I really haven't had much in the way of scary experiences, and those that I vaguely remember having are relatively tame compared to what I've heard from others.
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Fortunately, I have not, and *knock on wood* I hope I never do.

Nearest one to home, so to speak, was an old work friend of my dad and his wife whose story ended up in the news quite a few years ago after a home invader tied them up and murdered the husband. The wife lived, but if I recall she was kept hostage like that for a few days. I think she was possibly abused/raped? Didn't know them personally so it's foggy at this point... I think some crime documentary thing may have been done on it? Will have to ask my mom for their last time, can't recall it off the top of my head. So sad though.
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