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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
I see Fire Pro R for PS2 floating around for dirt cheap. It was the first Fire Pro to get an official release outside of Japan so they over-produced the hell out of, expecting it to sell much better than it did. It also launched as a $20 "budget" title to start with.
Are there more Fire Pro games for the PS2?

Or maybe the game is just rarer in this part of the world. Might be one of those cases. In Europe a game can be rather common in one country but quite rare in the neighbouring one, for example.
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Nope. Well, there's the Japanese version of the exact same game, which did have a different name, but that's it. Either way, only one Fire Pro game was released on PS2; it was just tweaked slightly and given a different name - Fire Pro Wrestling R (or Returns) for all non-Japanese markets.

Ebay says it's $10-20 depending on what shape you prefer it be in.

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