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Mad Scientist
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Here to help you (and others looking for a display) out....
Looks like Blazon is back after a hiatus. I've linked here to the cabinet that would probably interest TMNT collectors.

This is how you do it, guys. Getting your stuff into appropriate cabinets give it a museum quality that sort of legitimizes your hoard as a "collection" rather than being an adult with toys and **** strewn all over your house on open shelves.

Hopefully this helps - these cabinets also look like they are half priced right now, so you can't go wrong.
Collection Photos
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Random Punk
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Originally Posted by IMJ View Post
Very cool... but.... ummm... lol why do you have to strip your walls, dude?!? Can't you just buy some high-hide primer to cover up that hideous baby blue and then go over the primer with some kind of earth tone?
Haha! Nah, the former tenant wallpapered it and there's air bubbles everywhere, so it does need stripped first, sadly.

Thanks for the info on those cases!
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