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The turtles can definately be declarative heroes. They aren't much part of society.
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You IDW, Donatello never actually interacted with Krang. Never. Leo and Mike have had the most interaction with him, and that was only in combat.

He maybe was in the same room as him twice, but they never talked or engaged in combat. Don did mastermind the defeat that made it possible to capture him. And yet he ultimately ends up being the one to interact with the Utroms more than the others. They never met and thus Krang never suspected him.

For as big of a threat that Krang was, they never really interacted with him the same way they did with Shredder. Things weren't quite as personal.

So I can only sit back and wonder what their experiences of Krang's comrades talking about him would be like. They've only really known him as a dangerous megalomaniac warlord who pontificates too much. Which he is. But it would cool to see at least Donatello hear from Ma'riell's perspective of him. She seems to have the least bias toward him. "Yeah, he was an aggressive nut, but when I knew him, he wasn't a cracked aggressive nut."
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