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Lethal Lullaby
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My probablynotsogreat Osomatsu San Art

Yehhh. Some are drawn on this sketch app, and others on paper.

Warning: style is somewhat inconsistent, I just do these for fun. Plus it's simple. Heh.
Also blood in one, profanity in another,


And there we go. May or may not add more.
Most likely not dead, just... not really active much. Guess I must be bored??? Honestly I've just been logging in just to look at my page for anything new, or rereading my CRINGY AF RPs- Usually finding very little to nothing, then leave again. _-_
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Hey, it doesn't matter if it's great or not; as long as you draw from the heart and have fun drawing it, it's great. I for one like these drawings. I've been trying recently to draw better, and some of these are definitely better than what I can make.

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I don't know if you have ever read the book "The Art of War" But to truly master something you have to do it 1,000 times. So just keep drawing and you will keep getting better
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