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Introducing myself

Hello my name is Armani Millan. I am a Head Admin on a Facebook Page called: TMNT Comics & Art. I have been a long time TMNT fan since I was a toddler, so once I got out of the military I was able to pursue comics, and begin going to Comic Con events that I normally wouldn't have had the opportunity to go to. I have mostly been a lurker here, but figured I would finally start being a bit more active. I do a lot of collecting, but mostly TMNT Comics and artwork. I can show off some of things I have down the road in here for everyone to enjoy.

Thanks for having me here,
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Andrew NDB
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Hey, man. Good to see you here.
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Welcome, dude!
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Welcome to the Technodrome Forums!
Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'Sir' without adding, 'You're making a scene.'
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Lady Venus
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welcome to the Drome, AM.
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