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Leatherhead Terror Of The Swamp

"You gonna love tha hot sauce, Cajun Style!"

Mutant Alligator

Ya 'ol pal Leatherhead based on the original cartoon appearance, "By Gumbo!". Used TMNT Stego Raph as the base figure and completely sculpted over it with Aves Apoxie Sculpt. Used Kneadatite to sculpt the crawfish. Painted everything with acrylic paints and enamel paints. Figure stands about 5.5 inches tall, "Ah Guarowntee!".

Custom TMNT Toon Accurate Leatherhead:


Instagram: turtlesintime617
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Da Foot
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Love your work, great Leatherhead! Wish I have one
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Da'hamm, once again fantastic work.
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Great work! Considering the figures that you have done and what Neca put out mostly after you I wonder if it is not a coincidence but an inspiration!
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