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Project: Episode Order for OT

*Please Read Guidelines Before Posting in This Thread*


The goal of this project is to place every single episode in an order that will have as much continuity as possible.

1) I'll keep the list updated at the top of this thread. Each episode will be added to where it appears to make the most sense continuity-wise based on my thoughts and the discussions here.
1A) Don't post your own list; the list will be updated here. Make your relevant comments in the thread and I will update the list here if it makes sense or we come to consensus. Remember, I am open to changing this list even after we have passed the discussion of a particular episode.
1B) Commenting on future episodes is fine as well, I'll try and keep that up to date here as best I can
2) Thoughts about the episode just watched will appear at the end of the thread. Make your comments there as well.
3) The order I am watching from is air-date, even though this places some in obviously incorrect locations. Exception: I am going to separate the Group W episodes from the CBS episodes. So Plan 6, European episodes will come *before* Dimension X Story, etc. in our discussions
4) All comments welcome, including comments disagreeing with the already agreed upon order! We're going to finish this project!
5) If you want to watch the episodes at the same time so you can make comments, I will post the next 3 episodes I am planning to watch.
5A) I'll put a date-stamp on when I plan to post my comments on the next batch. Weekends will generally have no update, but for the most part I'll do 3 episodes per night.
5B) I'm going to try to add extra episodes over the weekend, so on the Monday update you'll see maybe 7 - 10 episodes. I'll make sure to update the "upcoming" list so that you'll know how many episodes to expect on that Monday.

Season 3 done. Sorting through my notes

New expected dates:

X. Season 3 (2/1 Done / Sorting through notes)
X. Season 4 Syndicated (3/18 )
X. European (3/18 )
X. CBS Season 1 (3/28 )
X. CBS Season 2 (3/28 )

Current List:

1. Turtle Tracks
2. Enter the Shredder
3. A Thing About Rats
4. Hot-Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X
5. Shredder & Splintered

1. Return of the Shredder
2. Case of the Killer Pizzas
3. The Incredible Shrinking Turtles
4. It Came from Beneath the Sewers
5. The Mean Machines
6. Curse of the Evil Eye
7. Enter: The Fly
8. New York's Shiniest
9. Splinter No More
10. Invasion of the Punk Frogs
11. Teenagers from Dimension X
12. The Catwoman from Channel Six
13. Return of the Technodrome

1. Beneath These Streets
2. April Fool
3. The Old Switcheroo
4. Attack of the 50-Foot Irma
5. Ninja Sword of Nowhere
6. 20,000 Leaks Under the City
7. Sky Turtles
8. Burne's Blues
9. The Maltese Hamster
10. Enter the Rat King
11. Super Bebop & Mighty Rocksteady
12. Attack of Big Macc
13. Camera Bugged
14. Four Musketurtles
15. Turtles on Trial
16. Turtles at the Earth's Core
17. The Fifth Turtle
18. Cowabunga Shredhead
19. Take Me to Your Leader
20. Beware the Lotus
21. Blast from the Past
22. Casey Jones - Outlaw Hero

- episode placed today
- Expecting more episodes to go before this one
- Plan to rewatch for placement
- New placement by consensus
- episode moved to new spot today

Future List (these will get numbers when they are added to the current list):
(compiled from comments made)

X. April Fool (unexpected lava)
X. Bye Bye Fly (Sewer Tubes invented)
X. Case of the Hot Kimono (Sewer Tubes Used)
X. Pizza by the Shred (Sewer Tubes Used)
X. Once upon a Time Machine (year is mentioned as 1991)
X. Elementary, My Dear Turtle (year is mentioned as 1991)
X. The Dimension X Story (Technodrome gets stuck in lava)
X. The Big Zipp Attack (Zipp eats manhole)
X. Planet of the Turtleoids (Technodrome on Earth)
X. Leonardo Is Missing (Technodrome still in arctic)

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