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Rikki Tikki Tavi
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Fairly New to Comics

Here is a list of the comics I have now. I am looking to obtain more. I hopefully will be getting a nice set from a member next month as long as it is still available. But as it stands now here is what I have.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1984 Eastman & Laird Issues (Mirage)
Issue #1 (3rd Print)
Issue #2 (2nd Print)
Issue #3-62 (1st Print)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics (IDW)
Issue #1-7, #9-11
I was told they did not produce #8.

I am looking for a place to start collecting other issues so any suggestions would be great. I want start my collection with issue #1 and then go from their. I never was really into comic books enough to understand cover variants and why sometimes a "Run" will be 4-5 books long and then go from their and specials etc.. Hope I am not sounding too much like an idiot, where I live we only have a "Comic" shop in a local mall and its very lacking and they were not very friendly when I attempted to ask these questions, guess I got judged at 30 yrs old Ha!

Thanks for all of your help.
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Okay, so you have a copy of every issue from volume 1 at least. I'd say look to get the seven "Tales" comics that were published in the same period, those will keep you amused. I guess you're looking for places to buy from? MileHighComics may still have stock of many issues. And Mirage probably still has a load you can buy: .
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Well you could just buy the trades, IDW has reprinted most things before the mid/late-90's (though not in the most straightforward manner). Just get the Ultimate Collection 1-5, Classics 1-ongoing, Tales 1-Ongoing and Soul's Winter, that's a pretty hefty chunk of TMNT comics.
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I'd say in some ways neatoman is right. You already have the entire Vol. 1 so unless you don't want to read the floppies you don't need the ultimate collections (which collect the issues Kevin and Peter were specifically involved in the art) or the classic collections TPB's that collect the rest of Vol. 1.
Do get the Tales books, especially the Vol. 1 issues (or trades by IDW) as they relate to Vol. 1 and are great reads. As also stated above the mirage site is a great way to get a hold of a lot of the books at a very reasonable price and it goes to support the creators.
Depending on how patient you are, what your price point is and what exactly you want to have, IDW has out in trades the entire first vol (minus a few due to copyrights) of ongoing and tales and have almost finished vol 2. They are also doing Tales Vol 2 and all the adventures comics
Hope this helps and doesn't retread too much
I just got back into comics about 1.5 yrs ago and it took me a while to figure this all out so dont feel too overwhelmed as everyone here is very friendly and helpful
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Rikki Tikki Tavi
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Thanks for all of your help!

I went to Mirage and have all of volume 4 being sent to me already forgot to mention that in my original post. I will start getting the IDW ones I have heard they are good as well as the Tales. Sounds like a good couple of starting points. I also checked for some comic shops and found some semi close so I will try and check them out.

Are Adventures worth collecting a guy has them on eBay for about $600.00.
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