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Mad Scientist
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RIP The Cars frontman Ric Ocasek

75-year old Ric Ocasek, original lead-vocalist, rhythm-guitarist, and keyboardist for new-wave rock band The Cars, known for hits like "Just What I Needed", "Drive", "Good Times Roll", etc., has just passed away in NYC in his apartment, one year after he & The Cars were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Rock on in heaven Ric Ocasek.
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"Zero-Dollar" Sonic
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I hope that he'll be able to rest in peace.
Originally Posted by Bry View Post
That was awful. Just... badly-written, badly-conceived, bad all around.

Ugh, this is so disappointing.
Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Yooooooooooooooooooooooooo that was way too sick. Mad good. Maaaaad good.
Originally Posted by Peanut View Post
You can't even contribute anything worth a damn to threads you create.

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I Married a Duck!
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Dang. Feels like it wasn't long ago I was dancing in the living room to Magic on MTV as a kid. Farewell to another piece on my youth, and RIP- he wi be missed.
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A Crusty Bob Fan
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Drive.. just Drive, along with I Refuse, Break Away, You Might Think..

Good stuff. Most of their music was / still is to me.
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Drive has one of the best misheard lyrics ever

"Pork Pie"

Great song in it's own right too.

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