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Green Hornet Animated Series From Wildbrain and Kevin Smith

The Clerks filmmaker has teamed up with kids producer WildBrain to develop a new series based on the classic superhero franchise.

Smith has long been a fan of the Green HorneT; in 2004, he was hired to write a feature film screenplay based on the character for Miramax. That project never materialized on screen ? it was subsequently written by and starred Seth Rogen, directed by Michael Gondry and released in 2011.

However, the Mallrats filmmaker did turn his screenplay into a comic book series. He wrote the first four issue story arc of the series, which was published by Dynamite Entertainment in 2010.

Smith and WildBrain are developing the new animated series to target a family audience. The series will be set in contemporary times, following the adventures of a re-imagined Green Hornet and Kato ? now the grown son of the original Green Hornet and the daughter of the original Kato ? as they partner to battle crime in Century City. It will also feature the Green Hornet?s ultra-high-tech car, Black Beauty.

Kevin Smith To Host Drive-In Birthday Celebration With 'Jay And Silent Bob Reboot'; Mooby's Pop-Up Goes Nationwide
WildBrain, which is the owner of classic brands including Peanuts, Teletubbies and Inspector Gadget, and Smith will take the project out to broadcasters and streamers.

The Green Hornet originated as a radio series created by George W. Trendle in the 1930s, telling the story of Britt Reid, the wealthy owner and publisher of the fictional newspaper, The Daily Sentinel. By day, Reid oversees his paper?s reporting on crime and injustice, but by night he dons his green mask and ventures across the city with his sidekick Kato to battle criminals and villains head on.

There was also a classic 1966 live-action TV series, which introduced future martial arts superstar Bruce Lee to North American audiences as Kato.

Smith?s last feature project was writing and directing Jay and Silent Reboot and he is also directing comedy horror anthology film Killroy Was Here.

Kevin Smith said, ?It?s an honor to escort the legendary Green Hornet and Kato into their very own animated series for the first time in the rich history of these iconic pop culture characters. We?ll be telling a tale of two Hornets ? past and future ? that spans generations and draws inspiration from a lifetime spent watching classic cartoons and amazing animation like Batman: The Animated Series, Heavy Metal, and Super Friends. I can?t believe WildBrain gave me this job and I can?t thank them enough for the opportunity to extend my childhood a little longer.?
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Pulp-era heroes (I know Green Hornet started out on Radio) never work when re-worked in the modern era.
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Says the guy with The Shadow in his siggy, lol.

It sounds kind of cool, actually. It could work, as an animated series. I would watch it.

I miss the days of the old series, especially the fun crossover they did with the Adam West Batman.
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Modern Shadow would be terrible, though! Don't give anyone ideas!

This'll probably be. Smithster just plain don't got it no more.

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Hamato Yoshi
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Why not do it like BTAS , that makes the most sense to me
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