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The director of the Power Rangers movie wants to see Lord Zedd in the sequel.
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Originally Posted by Brodie View Post
Its also worth noting, Target's exclusive has not only the steelbook, but a reprint of the Aftershock graphic novel. That book is out of print, and for a short one-off, it fetches relatively high prices. So, for the same price as the other blurays, you get that included as well.
I've reported Target's exclusive version already.

As for the graphic novel itself, Barnes & Noble's site still seems to have some to sell. Some of the stores near me apparently have some stocked as well. I was going to wait until after I saw the movie to get it, and the soonest I saw myself seeing the movie is when I could get it on home video, which of course will be tomorrow. Barnes & Noble might even e-mail me on Thursday about a discount code, which I'd use towards a copy, as well as a couple of other things. Besides, the stand-alone version is 96 pages while the one that comes with the Target steelbook release is just 54 pages.
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So positives and negatives of the Boom! series 16 issues and 2 annuals in? Make up list in bullet points.
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power rangers, subpar megafarce

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