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In a TMNT fighting game, what playstyles do you think certain characters will have.

Raph- Rushdown and counters but horrible in the air, think of Hit from Dragonball Fighterz or Little Mac from Super Smash Wii U
Mikey- Great a aerial and Range a mix between Flash and Takeda from MK X
Leo- The balanced fighter, good stats overall but doesn't excel at anything, great for beginners.
Don- The difficult but awesome character, he uses technology for zoning or traps.
Splinter- A mix between Raph and Donnie, he uses counters and moves that will take some time to master.
Shredder- The assist character summons random Foot Soldiers or mutants to help him.
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I'd make the four turtles more or less identical in stats with the only major distinction being their special attacks. The rest of the roster would be expansive and diverse with characters from many different multiverses and even alternative versions of characters like Splinter and Shredder.

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Depends on what type of fighting game it would be but I'll go ahead and assume there's a tmnt fighting game in the style of Super Smash Bros Melee (my favourite fighter of all time) where characters fight each other in order to score a knockout by getting their opponents off the stage rather than traditional healthbars. In that case, I think the playstyles of characters will be the following:

1. Leonardo: An all around good character, a decent mix of speed and power while being medium weight and having long range thanks to his Katanas. Competitive Ranking of Mid-High Tier due to a lack of bad attributes.

2. Donatello: Longer Range than Leonardo but slower and weaker. Would also have access to tech based special Attacks, adding to his ability to attack from a distance. Would be popular among new and casual players for his safe and easy playstyle but would be less preferable in a competitive scene due to his lower power and speed being heavily exploitable. Low to Mid Tier.

3. Raphael: The most powerful and heavy of all the turtle characters who can take the most abuse, but suffers from even less speed than Donatello and has the shortest range of all. Would be low tier competitvely due to his severe flaws but would be a beloved character due to his underdog status and a few players would learn to master his playstyles to occassionally beat even other high skilled players using better characters such as Leonardo.

4. Michelangelo: The fastest and lightest turtle who has average power and range, using mostly his speed to overwhelm his opponents before they know what hits them. Would be on the higher end of the competitive viability scale but would be an easy to learn, difficult to learn type of character.

5. April: Would have psychic powers similar to her Nickelodeon counterpart and would be an even more reliant on special Attacks than Donatello. Despite her power and agility, her dependence on special Attacks that may take up time to charge and her small and light frame would her a heavily flawed character who would be played for novelty rather than viability.

6. Splinter: Depending on whether the game decides to use a tall or short Splinter, he would either be a tall and heavy character with long range or a small and fast character. Either way, both interpretations would be powerhouses capable of dishing out alot of damage in a short time if played correctly and would be ranked medium-high competitively.
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The biggest villains were the censors. What they could do without being held back is my question. Shredder could've done more than blow up the Channel Six building. I don't mean as far as murdering Splinter, but think of the possibilities if censors were not an issue. Shredder and Krang combined had the biggest arsenal of any villains in all of the cartoons.

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