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It would be highly preferable, absolutely. The chance of that happening however...?

Maybe if the Turtles are ever public domain, but we're all gonna be long gone by then.

Thus I'd at least be willing to opt for someone who's passionate about film making enough to want to do it a good, justifiable job and put the appropriate amount of effort into the pre-production too.
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The Franchise
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If a person isn't a fan of something, they have no idea how to treat that thing with the proper honor and respect while handling it. That's true whether it's a Pop Culture Franchise or Grandpa's baseball cards.

Like I'm alright with telling stories, I know a decent amount about films, but I'd be a very questionable choice to make, say, a Transformers movie, because even though I damn sure would try and treat it more respectfully than Bay and his cronies did, I still don't have the "correct" knowledge on which parts of the canon are sacrosanct and what can be tinkered with. I was aware of it as a kid but I didn't really watch it, it wasn't my thing, although I was fine with it, I just had other interests. Unless I went back and quickly watched a bunch of old cartoons and read a bunch of old comics in the very truncated timeframe before production begins, I wouldn't really know where to begin. I might be able to pull it off, but I would be very uncomfortable the whole time, and part of me would be wishing that someone who actually knew more about the franchise had gotten the gig.

Keep in mind, nobody in Hollywood has anywhere near the awareness and integrity that I do.

It's like, when some big name people get their hands on Superman, for example, and you hear them say things like, "Well, does Krypton HAVE to blow up?" or, "Does he HAVE to fly? Flying is expensive", and things like that, and you realize that they really just have NO idea what is important and what's not, it reinforces the opinion that yes, only a fan should really be responsible for translating things like this. If you're not The Audience, you can be a film wizard and "be respectful" all day long... you STILL don't really know what you're doing. You can have Good Intentions, but you can still screw it up.

I'm sure J.J. Abrams had nothing but good intentions for Superman back in 2002, but he still thought that "Krypton doesn't blow up, but instead Superman goes back there to lead his father's army in the Great Kryptonian Civil War, and also, Lex Luthor is an X-Files agent, and he's ALSO from Krypton, too" were actual Good Ideas. J.J. Abrams is okay at making movies, but he's never read a comic book and thus didn't understand WHY his ideas were terrible. It's unavoidable. "Good Intentions" can only carry you so far. Thank God that movie never got made, but the point stands that to this day, he still has no idea what he was doing wrong. Because he was never "A Fan", he was just a guy hired to do a job.

You have to have been in the audience at one point to have even the simplest idea of what The Audience wants. It's just that simple. On the TMNT side of things, a bunch of people who never were fans just look around and go... "Ummm... sooo... pizza? And... 'Cowabunga'...? We got that, right? Alright, we got this in the bag!" Because they don't know any better. And they don't care. They know you'll be in the theater no matter what they do, so as long as that keeps happening, they have no incentive to aim higher.

I mean, YOU'LL be in that theater, but I won't be. I will NEVER pay money to see a TMNT film in this lifetime, and you can mark that in stone. Not unless by some warlock's magic, Nick/Viacom decide to go back to the style and tone of the 1990 film. And they ain't ever gonna do that. They might make a "better" movie than the last two - wouldn't be hard - but will they ever make a GOOD movie about TMNT?

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Well, that's good enough for me.

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I laid them out in stone, in case they need to last forever..."

"But hey... I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know."
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