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Random Punk
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Red Sky Playmates

So am just making my way through the Red Sky era and really like the change in style and action pace of the show. I especially like the new look of April and the slightly more beefed up Turtles. Am curios, was there ever a playmates action figures release for red sky era TMNT?
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I Crave Pizza No More
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Specifically, no. I think the Cyber Samurai turtles appeared in the show, and there were already toys for them, but otherwise there was no toy tie-in. I would have bought a Carter and the hyper-mutated turtles, though!
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Mad Scientist
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There was a Lord Dregg figure released on a 2k12 TMNT Dimension X card in 2015. Otherwise, the Cyber Turtles were the only toys from the Red Sky era of the FW show.
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