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Originally Posted by Krang316 View Post
Yes you are right about him being in series 6. However first you have to find them then you have to hopefully select the right bag.
Originally Posted by tmntman View Post
Fishface is also available in the series 6 blind bags which are available now, though in very limited areas. That might be a better/cheaper way to get him.
Well, I can tell you what I did. I emailed ToyWiz and asked if I ordered in multiples of 24, would they be fulfilled as entire cases, or would they be sent as random individuals. They wrote back saying they were willing to pull aside entire cases for me. So I did that, but it involved a few phone calls/emails back and forth along the way to make sure they were doing what I hoped they would do -- and they did.

I just got in my 2 cases from them the other day. I like to have an open and sealed complete set of these so that was the only way to go, short of waiting to find out if these would make it to US stores and then hunting around for 2 of each ultra/secret rare. Actually, I like to have 2 sealed sets, but I wasn't going to press my luck and order a 3rd case (plus pay the premium a 3rd time). After the Nick series winds down I'm about to swear off the kind of collectibles that are so hard to find at retail, in favor of things I can order easily and reasonably priced by full case online. The hunt is fun but it's starting to consume life and that's wearing me out.

As a side note, they left all the stickers from their supplier on the case boxes, so I was able to glean that on the same purchase order mine came from they ordered a total of 58 cases. Wow! That large number plus the fact they're on the Walmart planogram still actually makes me hopeful that we might see Series 6 at Walmart soon, but I'm not one to leave to chance at this point when the line has been faltering and Series 5 looks to have been dumped in Canada.

Originally Posted by Krang316 View Post
Toywiz has the new Mega Construx Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sewer Battle Building Set Action Figure with Fishface.

However their mark up of price to $44.99 is a real turn off for me, i cant justify paying that much for Fishface. The rest of the set is pretty poor IMO.
It's my fault it went up to 44.99...sorry...I also threw a Sewer Chase in with my blind bag orders, I was probably one of the first to order it and it was 39.99 at that time (still price gouging but I sucked it up because I think there's a fair chance this is gonna be really hard to find otherwise -- the real MSRP for this set is probably 19.99). ToyWiz extorts us...putting up "1-2 available" to see if anyone bites and then slowly trickling more trying to find the maximum exploitable price... It's also probably my fault the Series 6 bags went up to 5.99 -- they were 4.99 when I ordered.

If you give them time and nobody else takes their bait, they will eventually fall back down again to initial price or possibly lower. Same thing always happens.
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