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Originally Posted by Bravotello View Post
Interesting thing I just came up with, What was the saddest TMNT 2003 episode. You can include Fast Forward and Back to The Sewer episodes as well but to make things interesting, here's the catch. The episode has to be an episode other then Same As It Never Was, since most of us find that one sad already XD.

Mine would have to be Modern Love-The Return of Nano. His first appearance was enough, but when I watched this one I actually cried. I always felt really bad for Nano and in this one especially. Harry was awful to him and only had any affection towards him because of the money Nano helped him steal and when Nano came back, the first thing he did pretty much was go look for him so he could try and have a family like he saw on the TV. It didn't take long for me to cry either, when he broke into the prison being all "Daddy! Daddy!" I was so sad ;;
The Nano episodes are awful (I cried so bad)... If I ever rewatch the 2003 series I'll be skipping those.
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