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Andrew NDB
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Originally Posted by TigerClaw View Post
If Archie had continue with the TMNT comics. We probably wouldve had The Forever War story arc happen.
Not necessarily. Murphy was in the middle of a war with Archie and it's entirely likely we would have gotten a slew more stories like the "How the TMNT Got their Weapons!" stuff.
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Originally Posted by darthsmozers View Post
Chris Allan.
Thanks! It's been decades, and I still remember almost every panel of those issues. I loved the white ninjas and Ninjara.
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Imagine if it continued into the Nick series, or even Rise?

But realistically, id see Laird putting his foot down with them. Considering how they removed the TNM continuation stories from the website, and never really touched most of the profiles of old characters, id imagine things would have to be retooled to fit Lairds vision of the franchise. Hes not as indifferent to tie-in media as Sega was back in the day.
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