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Generational shift... Wasn't cool yet, but more computer/internet use it normal now. It's ironic that someone of my mom's generations (namely her) will comment about the amount of my computer use, but she'll turn around and stare at the tv for hours. Gee, might she be in the generation that thought more tv use was normal and acceptable, while her parent's generation may very well have made similar comments against tv use??

Then step back another generation and it's probably comments against radio use. Keep going back and you get to where spending time reading novels was also looked down on.
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Originally Posted by Prowler View Post
People used to look funny at me in HS when I told them I read and posted on internet forums. They thought it was a really bizarre thing to do, which I don't get since clearly a lot of people post in forums or in places like reddit and many of them have bfs/gfs, spouses, families, etc.

I also remember how back in the 90's or early 2000s you were considered weird if you admitted to spend a lot of time online/behind a computer. I remember being in HS and people thinking I was really strange/odd for sitting in front of my computer until bedtime once I got home. Yet, nowadays, people seem to be online constantly due to phones and tablets. You log in to facebook at like 3AM and there's ALWAYS some people online and liking posts. So either things have changed and younger generations spend more time online at home than going outside to socialise or a lot of people in HS hyperbolised/exaggerated the things they claimed to do on their free time and all the socialisation they did.
No, I heard this all the time too. Back in the 90's or early 2000's you were considered a "loser with no life who lives in your parents basement" or a geek or nerd if you spent a lot of the time on the computer. Back then people who played computer games or on online chatrooms were considered nerds who barely go out of the house.

It's in the same manner that adults who played videogames in the late 90's or early 2000's were considered losers until games like GTA and Call of Duty made videogames mainstream for adults. Back then people were expected to "grow out of videogames" and if you were over 20+, or especially in your 30's and played videogames you were considered a loser or a freak of nature.

It's funny how social norms changed. Now people are online almost 24/7, fully grown 30+ year old adults play videogames or watch cartoons regularly, etc. It's so different than the time I grew up in. Nowadays even comics and superheroes are mainstream due to the Marvel movies, whereas back in the day adults still liking superheroes was considered losery as well.

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Dunno tv use seems to be heavy among very old people. I've noticed that old peop,e the ones born before the 1940s are the ones who watch the most tv. usually because they're retired and have all the free time in the day. And I'm sure having a tv at home was still something not everyone was wealthy enough to own in the 20s-30s. I think it was only around the 50s or so when the tv became an item every family owns , but I could be wrong and might be differnt in some countries.

As for the radio, I associate the radio with commuters. With youtube, spotify, itunes and piracy nowadays, most young people don't feel compelled to turn on the radio when they can have a ton of music in their phone. Seriously, with spotify apps you have access to literally millions of artists in your pocket. You don't need to rely on the radio and can just choose what to listen to.
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