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Jerry O'Connel Reveals Talk of a SLIDERS Reboot!

Hollywood's all about reboots and revivals, so where's our revisiting of the cult 1990s series Sliders?

The sci-fi series, which aired five seasons between 1995 and 1999, followed a rag-tag team as they 'slid' from one parallel Earth to another via a space-time wormhole.

Now the good news is that original star Jerry O'Connell, who played Quinn Mallory, is convinced that a Sliders reboot is going to materialise.

"I bet it happens," he told Digital Spy. "The guy who created it – a guy named Tracy Tormé – called me recently and said they were planning on it. I hope he gets it together – I'll help out any way I can."

Related: John Rhys-Davies opens up about Sliders: "It was the single biggest missed opportunity of my life"

If the new Sliders does get off the ground, though, O'Connell doesn't expect to be reprising his role as Quinn (which he left after four seasons of the original).

"I mean, there's no way I'll be the star... I'm sure I'll be playing the star's Dad or something!" he laughed. "Or the kid's grandfather. 'Back in my day, we knew how to slide... we knew what was what...'

"It's so funny, when that show ended, you think, 'Well that's that. That was that chapter of my life.' But it's never over, I guess!"
Of course, given that it's a show all about alternate universes, couldn't a reboot introduce a new Quinn Mallory played by some fresh-faced young thing, then reintroduce O'Connell as the original Quinn from a parallel world?

We may have spent a little too long thinking about this...
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PLEASE be good.

they can reboot the entire thing with the original cast and do it right this time.
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Yes! The series of my childhood!
Such a treasure trove of potential. Original series wasted it, starting with the 2nd season, but this time, with proper budget and no executive meddling it might really shine.
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Andrew NDB
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I wouldn't mind this show coming back, either...

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