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Originally Posted by JonesyKitty View Post
Hate to revive a dead thread for a simple question but I'd hate to start a new one more. Wondering if anyone can help find a music video that was posted on the Drome a year or two back. It was a song by a punk band titled something close to "Mother Effin Casey Jones" or something like that. The video was done almost in the style of a Troma movie and had a dude dressed as Casey beating up a bunch of thugs, saving a baby and then in the end there's a fake April news report where she calls him Cassie Jones. It was totally badass and I cannot find it for the life of me. I've searched google, youtube and the drome with no luck. Thanks for the help

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Soundtracks of some animes remind me of tmnt a little bit.

Princess Mononoke's soundtrack is the type of music I imagine when the turtles go back in time into ancient Japan or are listening to Splinter in the dojo.

John Williams' superman theme if the turtles are in the middle of an epic fight scene or Hans Zimmers' theme from Man of Steel.
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At the risk of being unoriginal, the theme songs of each respective show always come to mind. I also have to admit that the 'Red Sky Theme' can come to my mind during a fighting scene.

As for non-show related music, well, I blame fanmade music videos for some of the songs I now associate with TMNT.

"This is War" by 30 Seconds to Mars--I especially associate this with the 2k3 series from Season 2 onward to Season 5. Most notably during the 'World Collide" bit

"I'm Still Here" I actually prefer a cover by Caleb Hyles to the actual original artist but I always seem to think of Raphael with this one, though I have also pictured all the other turtles with it as well.

And quite a few 'Simple Plan' songs can get me thinking TMNT
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Originally Posted by Cryomancer View Post
Thank you! Jonez with a Z must be part of why it wasn't turning up!
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Hey... a thread I needed to exist actually does.

Well, since I've actually got a few saved faves on Youtube with Turtle notations...

Carry On, by FUN -

There's definitely a large majority of it that makes me think of them. In my head, even the opening is Leo and Raph talking. And the part about meeting "some friends in the edge of the night, at a bar off seventy five," is, as I see it, happening seated on the ledge of the bar's rooftop. (These are grown Turtles obviously...)

"And we talked and talked about how our parents will die"... Okay that is sadder now. RIP Splinter.

Polaroid, by Imagine Dragons -

Not sure it's the kind of music most would pair with him, but lyrically speaking I can't not hear Raph in there. Hell, it even feels like he makes a comparison with Leo just short of 2:00.

Heroes, by Alesso is an easy one. Parts of Wonder, by Naughty Boy.

My pick for Recommended Shameless Self Insert song:
One Call Away, by Charlie Purth

I'm only one call away
I'll be there to save the day
Superman got nothing on me
I'm only one call away
Cute with them in mind. Although as a women of the 21st century, while most of it might be regarded as a fan's chosen TMNT playing hero... I always mentally switch it up at the end, rescuing his butt just once in the last repeat of those lines.
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Aside from the themes, background music, & soundtracks, which I've always loved, including of course Vanilla Ice's Ninja Rap & ZZ Top's Can't Stop Rockin, I guess I never really associated the turtles with any music I enjoy. Since I can picture the turtles more as dancers than singers, I suppose the disco/dance genres are the best fit for them.
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Giving this thread a bump 'cause of this-

It strongly evokes the first live action movie for me. Feels like something that would've been in the flick itself if not in a trailer or something.
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Yeah, I see what you mean, Powder.

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