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Originally Posted by Storm Eagle View Post
Well he did destroy the Thunderzords. I was still mad that he was able to place the Orb of Doom at the right spot. I still wasn't expecting that, and I was thinking that he'll screw it up for sure. Way to screw up Kat's first birthday in America.

I'm still not sure how Rito could drop the Zeo Crystal when it was in his hands when he teleported out with it. He and Goldar would have teleported from the Command Center to Zedd's place with the Zeo Crystal in hand, and instead they end up in a neighborhood. I had this thought that perhaps the fact that they were on Earth when it was being brought back to the proper present might have screwed them up somehow. Anyway, I figured that the Zeo Crystal would somehow be the thing that somehow sets things right after the rangers reverted to kids.

As for the Japanese counterpart, Kakuranger, yes Gashadokuro (Rito Revolto) did die before Daimaou (Master Vile) took over.

I think the rangers were supposed to be 10 in the Alien Rangers saga.
Best guess as far as thezeo crystal is concerned, "screw it, its a kids show and we are working with foreign footage to make it work". I still think zapping the life force of living beings reverting them to childhood makes the most sense in the given situation, but the above quote may as well apply to that as well.
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