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Zoomers grew up with the 1999 version of Burger King's logo.


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*The King of Nothing*
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I can't believe that the oldest Zoomers turned/are turning twenty-five.

Time flies.

Anyway, here are some more famous celebs:
  • • Savannah Lee Smith
    • Maude Apatow
    • Amelia Toomey
    • Whitney Peak
    • Emily Alyn Lind
    • Alli Simpson
    • Lydia Night
    • Marlhy Murphy
    • Mia Delamar
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I see those names for the first time in my life.
Probably for the better or its just shows how "influential" zoomers are.
Now with 200,1% more poison!
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Yeah, I guess I'm too old to have any clue who they are, not a single one is familiar.

Originally Posted by Papenbrook View Post
Do you see any trends among teenagers and children that can be defined within Generation Z?
So to revisit this question a bunch of years later... A common one unfortunately appears to be a disturbing and very despicable trend of faking disorders/illness for attention and some romanticized belief that it's just so cute, special, and quirky. Also a convenient excuse for bad or rude behavior and avoiding responsibly. After seeing too much of that rabbit hole as of late...I pretty much despise that segment of Gen Z (much of them the teen section and a minority of 20s) and hope they eventually grow the eff up and cringe so hard it nearly ruptures their ear drums.

I mean we all have weird cringy BS from our youth, but god damn these kids now. At least the crap most of us did looks like nothing in comparison and most of it not morally questionable like this lying and mocking behavior is.

When rightists are yelling about liberals and "woke" and us older ones more often don't have a clue wtf they're on about... a lot of that stuff appears to originate with this part of Gen Z and more of a generational thing, not a liberal thing specifically.

Check out Reddit's Fake Disorder Cringe sub if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Wishing I hadn't even found it...but younger fans of a small band I like were on about this "system" crap and looked that up wondering what the hell they were even saying.

Really Gen Z, or at least that part of them (not trying to bad talk the whole generation), just quit the crap already.

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