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What do you think about games such as Civ, EU, HoI, Total War, etc?

You know, those PC exclusive turn based or RTS games for people who really like history. These type of games are mostly associated with Paradox, but I believe Civ is by 2k and Total War by Sega.

Well, I own both Civ 4 and 5 and I can admit they're fun. Hardly realistic, but man, you start a new game in Civ and can knock 4-5 hours in a row rather easily . They seem rather simple and you can win in the lowest difficulty settings, but they're hard as hell games to master.

EU and HoI are more diplomacy based. And seem pretty hard to learn. Been meaning to learn Europa Universalis, but man seems tough. It's also more realistic than Civ.

Haven't had much of an experience with Total War yet, so I can't say much. And then there are games such as Galactic Civilisations and Endless Legend and City Skylines that I have not played at all, but am interested in someday.

I think they're interesting games for people who mostly play on the PC and enjoy learning about history and different cultures like myself. It's fun to imagine how history could have been different at times. And also fun to use that imagination while playing a video game like Civ or EU. Also, they're games that easily allow you to multitask while playing them, such as listening to music and chatting online while you play them. They're not like racing or platforming games where you gotta keep focused all the time.

Anyone else play these games here? I notice most big fans of these type of games tend to prefer Europa Universalis.
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