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Originally Posted by DrSpengler View Post
From what I can tell, there are four major editions of this thing.

1) Original floppy one-shot, just containing Namazu (from IDW)

2) Hardcover version of one-shot, containing Namazu and Turtle Soup & Rabbit Stew (IDW)

3) Special Edition hardcover of one-shot, containing Namazu, Turtle Soup & Rabbit Stew, and The Treaty (IDW)

4) TMNT/Usagi trade paperback that this thread is about containing Namazu, Turtle Soup, The Crossing, the Treaty, and Shades of Green 1-3 (Dark Horse)

Jeez. I liked the story and all, but these releases, all in rapid succession, all containing just a liiiiiiiittle bit more than the last release, really milked the hell out of things. I kinda like that Dark Horse cut IDW off at the pass and just released an edition with EVERY TMNT/Usagi crossover in it.

Otherwise, we probably could've looked forward to IDW putting out the Super Special Edition, featuring Namazu, Turtle Soup, The Treaty, and the Crossing, followed a month later by the Super Duper Special Edition, featuring Namazu, Turtle Soup, The Treaty, The Crossing and Shades of Green Part 1, followed two months later by the Hyper Super Duper Special Edition, featuring...

You can see where I'm going with this.
I was cool waiting a few weeks for #2, and paying about the same price for it as the original floppy release's retail price. I already own all the older stuff, so I guess I'll just wait for the next Usagi/TMNT crossover.

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