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Super Smash Bros. Shell Showdown tournament (not a game/new characters)

Figured I wouldn't get peoples' hopes up with that title, heh.

Anyway, looks like Nick is using Rise to sponsor a Smash tournament in Oakland later this month.

They'll have Icons (I didn't even realize that game actually happened) and Rivals of Aether there, too.
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Ha, figures if they ever do put TMNT characters into a Smash Bros. game that it would end up being the Risers!

Honest Confession: I really enjoyed TMNT: Smash Up on the Wii.

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First Splatoon and now Smash bros.

Incredibly cool to see Rise of the tmnt showing up in all these places.
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I would love for TMNT to show up in a Smash game but I'd prefer for them to be their own version (kind of like Smash Up was) rather than Rise version, personally.
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nintendo, rise of the tmnt, super smash bros.

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