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Tyron leung
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Originally Posted by longbowhunter View Post
Man...I'm SUPER excited for a LAST RONIN movie and its weird to see people already crapping on the idea, but thats the internet, I guess.

I absolutely think they should make it a quasi-sequel to the 1990 movie. And use the same director, if possible. Do it like GHOSTBUSTERS:AFTERLIFE. Very loosely acknowledge the original movie, ignore the sequels, and let it be its own thing for the most part. I even thought if they dont want to explain/use The Fugitoid, they could replace him with an A.I. designed by Donnie and get Corey Feldman back to do the voice. Judith Hoag would be a great choice for Old April. As far as the futuristic setting...they can use the Volume for the establishing shots and then a lot of the rest of it can be on sets. It would not be that hard or expensive to do a live-action Last Ronin that way. And I agree that Turtle in Suit is the way to go-get the Henson company back and let them go nuts designing new and improved Turtle suits.

My only concern is Paramount being on the verge of getting sold and who knows what the current owners may kill in the process. I actually like Walter Hamada and hope he can get it across the finish line. He had a lot of great ideas for how to save DC that werent implemented due to the company being sold. Hope that doesnt derail his plans yet again.
Do you understand connecting it as a legacy recalibration in the vein of ghostbusters after life or Halloween blumhouse trillogy doesn't make sense the 90s movies are outdated and don't match the tone of last ronin the movies deviate from the serious tone of the mirage books after the first film

You talking about those same movies where the tmnt break out into choreographed dance numbers to 90s techno rock rap and new jack swing music. Where the turtles took a back seat in their own movie shot through the perspective of a news reporter April Danny Pennington or a keno that pushes the narrative along and becomes a vehicle for ernie reyes jr and is an afterschook special about family just like what they rumored the blade reboot is going to be about that same film series where shredder is an incompetent crime kingpin like his 87 counterpart hes an incel who grooms abunch of kids to steal things only children would care about and they are trained by an o.c. henchmen second in command tatsu they fight with slap stick comedy and hand to hand most the time they toss their weapons aside or use katana as a dull club than use it what's its meant for none of the mirage characters in the last ronin has never got a proper introduction in the movies and when they have their wasted in favor for the 87 toon characters or brand new oc villains and side characters nobody asked for.

That you want a legacy movie off of and not a mirage movie?????
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Hench Mutant
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Originally Posted by Tyron leung View Post
I think cause we've been desensitized to the turtles dying before like blind sight or same as it never was or idw donatello having his carapace crushed in with a sledgehammer.
Still a little pissed that the turtles never wanted revenge on Bebop and Rocksteady. Even if they don't want to kill, they can still teach them a lesson by taking away their eyes, hands or feet.
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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Yes, the super gorey climax of Last Ronin: the main bad guy suffocates to death in a little puddle.
Thank you. That's what I've been preaching. TLR movie (and game to a lesser extent) is Paramount finally acknowledging that adult TMNT fans exist.
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It's bizarre to me that it would even take that long. Why voluntarily restrict your own profit by refusing to allow the more mature side of the brand to exist more broadly and not just be confined to a comics corner and nothing more...
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