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Originally Posted by Bahamut810 View Post
Me too
Thanks, you guys are too kind.
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So with IDW losing Star Wars, Marvel superheroes, and possibly Transformers and Gi-Joe...what are their main series besides TMNT now? They also concluded their My Little Pony comic too recently and that went on for over 100 issues.

Can someone explain to me what they still have?
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Wait, IDW was publishing Star wars and Marvel stuff?
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They've still got Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Trek and possibly Ghostbusters comics all still in production.
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Originally Posted by hypered1 View Post
They've still got Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Trek and possibly Ghostbusters comics all still in production.
Don't forget Usagi as well. Granted, Stan may be eyeing Dark Horse again considering the state of things.
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Originally Posted by Zog The Magnificent View Post
This conversation is so dumb. Wokeness is stupid. It adds nothing, and only corrupts that which already exists. It is not at all that people don't tolerate racisim or bigotry anymore, it's that they keep redefining everything to be racist or bigoted or whatever as part of a targeted effort to bring down anything that doesn't fit with their opinions. It's honestly at the point that If I have to explain it, there's not really any point in discussing it because it's so OBVIOUSLY wrong that the conversation would go nowhere.

Most new things these days are focused not on telling good stories, but on casting characters because of superficial elements like the color of their skin, rather than their talent, and forcing in "diversity," which at this point can just be taken to mean more black people and women, which isn't really diverse at all. An "all women cast," for example, is not diverse. It's just an extreme of a different category. Woke people like to pretend that diversity didn't exist until they came around to fix it, forgetting all the great shows and movies of the past that just had casual diversity. People were different, and no one made a big deal about it because you shouldn't make a big deal about it! Skin color, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, whatever; they're all just traits. They shouldn't be the whole of your being, and a character written around one trait almost always ends up a poor character.

Being "woke" is just being racist, sexist, or bigoted, but towards different groups, and then telling anyone who doesn't agree with you that they must be racist too. For a group of people that claims to want to promote tolerence and end hate, I have never in my life encountered people so intolerent and full of hate.
This is so eloquently put, and a great take on it, so I will quote it for truth. I totally agree, and I say this as a hispanic, bisexual girl (gotta say that or people just assume I'm a 'racist' white guy ).
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