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Figures, prints, posters, other for sale

Have a whole lot of stuff and looking to gauge interest. Listing general prices but open to negotiate and bundling. Remember, usps shipping literally just went up last week. I like to try to do actual or near actual shipping but can’t continually pa k things up, get a quote and then have the deal fall through. Serious inquiries only please. I can provide pics upon request.

2012 MOC Turtles:
Purple Cards

Leonardo $10
Donatello $10
Michaelangleo $10
Raphael $10
Splinter - $20
April - $14
Shredder - $14
Foot Soldier $10
Kraang $10
Dogpound - $18
Fish Face $10
Snakeweed $16
Rat King $8
Baxter Stockman $8
Mousers $10
Leatherhead $12
Mutagen Man w/ Pupils $8
Mutagen Man w/o Pupils $8
Kirby Bat $6
Casey Jones $14
Cockroach Terminator $16
Toddler TMNT 1 $9
Toddler TMNT 2 $9
Spider Bytez $10
Squirrelanoid $6
Shredder 2 $15
Bebop $10
Rocksteady $10
Rahzar $9
Tiger Claw $20
Slash $12
Newtralizer $25
Robotic Foot Soldier $10
SDCC 2013 Shredder $35

Yellow Cards

Stockman Fly $10
Monkey Brains $12
Mutant Shredders $6
Napoleon Bonafrog $12
Atilla the Frog $12
Karai Serpent $24
Fugitoid $9
Lord Dregg $9
Mozar $10
Karai (Human) $16
Super Shredder $16
Dark Beaver $10
Mondo Gecko $9
Armaggon $12

Lair $115 shipped
Shell raiser $28 shipped

NECA Henson turtles still in box $135 each?

Figure Arts tmnt still in box $160

Eastman limited SD Art gallery print $100

Christopher Lee limited “figure” poster -$85

Anthrax/ triceraton cel - $75 each

Mondo Leo exclusive still in shipper -$120

Mondo Exclusive poster $75

Do you have any Dinosaucers or a lead on where to get anything related to the show? PM Me Please!

Check out my collection!
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