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Originally Posted by DonnieLaForge View Post
Usagi had a total of 5 different releases:

Standard Usagi (blue kimono on card)
Samurai Usagi (gold/brown samurai armor on card)
Samurai Usagi w/Horse (silver samurai armor in box with horse)
SDCC 2017 Exclusive Usagi (blue kimono, painted weapons, extra heads and accessories, in display box)
Stan Sakai Web Shop Exclusive Usagi (black kimono, painted weapons, in display box, with optional Sakai artwork/signature)

I have seen some pretty amazing Muckman re-paints on Instagram. Here's one:

Good luck with your own repaint, maybe show that to your friend to point him in the right direction??

Actually, there are 6. There's also a Mutant XL size Usagi.

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I had not forgotten XL Usagi, I was just speaking in terms of the basic figures/"vehicles". Who could forget XL Usagi??
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Certainly not I! He's great. Wish the swords were painted, but no biggie.
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I have yet to buy the xl usagi .. bummer
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Candy Kappa
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Just got Karai and Usagi in the mail, gave up waiting for them to hit stores.

Karai is mostly a disappointment with her unarticulated noodle arms and spreading eagle hip joints, just overall a very awkward and un-toyetic figure with no fun factor for posing.

Usagi is the closest non-Turtle figure to be as good as wave 1 Basic Turtles, the scabbards are cartoonishly big and his left arm got a weird elbow joint, but besides that he's pretty alright.

I think this concludes my collection of Playmates 2012 figures, everything else outside of wave 1 besides a couple of figures have been lackluster and I've lost interest.
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2017, playmates bashing

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