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Random Punk
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Looking for some Hero Turtles accessories (blue)

Hey Dromedudes and Dudettes,

some of my Hero Variants are missing some accessories and i hoped that you could help me out. I'm looking for:
- Tokka: Psychosai
- Slapshot Leo: puck

If anyone has one of the items (or both) for sale, please contact me. I also have some blue accessories left over, some maybe we can trade. What I can offer is:
- Tokka: Belt, Sword, Nunchaku and the figure itself
- T.D. Tossin Leo: Football (not the rocket)
- Rahzar: Spider Hook (without the cord)
- Heavy Metal Raph: Guitar with and without strap, one CD/Disk, both Sais and the figure itself

Glad about every offer
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