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Nunchuks are awesome and synonymous with Mikey.
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No, they shouldn't be changed. I liked the upgrade/combo weapon idea from 2012 toon well enough, at least as a backup, but for primary weapon, keep the chucks. (And he honestly doesn't even dual-wield them that often, usually only when flanked by multiple opponents. So he seems to know when using one is more practical than two.)
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No, they're fine.
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I like to think that the turtles boys are more than proficient with all types of ninja fighting weapons and that their signature weapon is because that was the one they are most skilled with.
I imagine them growing up and training, they would compete and they all knew who was best with what. So if Mike decided to change to a different weapon, the other turtles might think um okay, why?

Personally I dont think it should change. Nunchucks are cool AF IMO. If anything, I think itd be pretty sweet if he started using throwing stars/knives way more. In a way where he appears to have an unlimited supply and just launches them off, taking out enimes 3-4 at a time with head shots. Like Shredder took out the that loose lipped foot soldier in Batman/TMNT
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