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My Fanfic can be found @ the bottom of my signature. A few wonderful reviews here and there. It's a retelling of the origin. Tried to keep it very grounded and it's pretty much everything I want out of an introductory TMNT story. I hurt Mikey pretty bad and steal little bits from IDW, Mirage, 87 Toon, the movies and 2K3.

My Blog:

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? Today you get to be alive - rock the gift of having another day above ground! Get buck wild and just rock it! Because tomorrow? You just never know!"

-- Judith Hoag, April O'neil
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TMNT Illustrations

Hello, I want to present you my new blog, where I will share all my TMNT Illustrations.

Mutagen Shot

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Quick Raph I did a few weeks back. I should draw more turtles.

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I wish these dusty old forums had some sort of upvote system so we could thumbs up all the cool fanart.

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Finally close to wrapping up the season finale of my ten-book series, I've mainly spent the last ten pages writing the ending before I have to stick all the action scenes in the middle. Least favourite part of the process (I'm big on character), I might write more TMNT books after that, but definitely not another full 'season'.
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